Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set Review

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Quick Overview



  • Easy to use
  • Has individual covers
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek-looking
  • Sharp blades


  • Dulls quickly
  • Not full tang

Whether for professional or home use, all kitchens must have a good set of knives.

The most basic set includes six different blades, much like the Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set.

It comes with stainless-steel knives that are rust-resistant and durable, making them almost effortless to care for and maintain.

To make sure it has everything you need, let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set

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Although a relatively new company, Wanbasion prides itself in providing durable but reasonably priced cutting tools.

First came out in July 2019, the Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set is a must-have for anyone who likes cooking.

It uses high-quality stainless steel, ensuring the blades don’t bend or break.

Plus, we know that the best Damascus knives have blades with unique patterns, adding to their beauty and durability.

Who Is the Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set For?

This titanium-plated kitchen knife set is perfect for a more casual and domestic kitchen setting.

It is the ideal starter knife set for new homemakers, amateur cooks, or a small household.

Its six most commonly-used blades are enough to finish your food prep tasks.

Furthermore, it is on the more affordable side of the price spectrum, so it is perfect for those on a tight budget.

What’s Included?

The Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set includes six Damascus-style knives that look sleek and elegant.

It does not come with a knife block or a carrying case, but each knife has a plastic sheath for safety and protection.

Although the set has a limited number of knives, it covers the essentials.

You will receive a Santoku, carving, chef’s, paring, bread, and utility knives.

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Overview of the Features

With the matte black titanium coating of the stainless-steel blades, you get to use and display these sleek-looking knives in your kitchen.

Here’s exactly what you can expect from this set:

  • Set Inclusions

Let us look closely at each knife included in this set and its functions.

Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife features a seven-inch blade suitable for dicing, mincing, and slicing.

The dimples along the blade’s edge reduce friction, allowing you to make precise and delicate slices faster.

Carving Knife

The eight-inch blade of the carving knife comes in a rigid but flexible design.

Slicing ham, roasts, or turkey becomes more manageable with its thinner blade.

Chef’s Knife

This eight-inch chef’s knife is the most regularly used all-purpose knife in the kitchen.

Its slightly curved edge makes it perfect for slicing and chopping all kinds of ingredients.

Paring Knife

The straight edge of the 3.5-inch paring knife makes it more manageable to peel the skin of fruits and vegetables.

It is also the ideal tool for shaping and making decorative cuts.

Bread Knife

The serrated edge of this eight-inch bread knife allows you to cut the food with a tough exterior without squishing its soft interior.

Utility Knife

This utility knife has a five-inch blade longer than a paring knife but shorter than a chef’s knife.

As such, it is the perfect choice for mincing fruits and vegetables quickly.

  • Damascus-Style Blades

These stainless-steel stamped knives have impressive resistance to rust, stains, corrosion, and scratch.

This is made possible by the matte black titanium coating, which also adds to their sleek look.

Apart from durability, the titanium coating also provides the blades with an elegant-looking Damascus-style design.

  • Ergonomic Handles

The ergonomically-designed plastic handles ensure a secure, non-slip grip.

Thanks to this, you will find that these knives are comfortable to hold and use even for extended periods.

  • Protective Sheath

All the knives come with individual plastic sheaths to protect the blades from damage.

It also ensures that no one gets accidentally cut by the sharp edge.

  • Warranty

Once you decide to purchase the Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set, you are entitled to a 30-day return policy without questions.

After that, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for your purchase.

How To Get the Most Out of This Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set?

To extend the life of your knife, avoid soaking or submerging it in water for a long time, and never use abrasive cleaners when washing them.

Do not clean the knives in the dishwasher and expose them to heat and harsh cleaning solutions.

Instead, make it a habit to handwash the knives after each use and wipe them dry with a soft towel to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Put the sheaths on after drying the knives and store them in a safe place.

You will see watermarks and signs of wear if they are not cared for properly.


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If you are looking for a knife set that comes with a storage block, the Bonniex 5-Piece Kitchen Knife Set is worth checking out.

The blades are made of forged high-carbon stainless steel with a 56+ Rockwell Hardness Rating.

This construction ensures excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

The set includes five different knives: chef’s, bread, Santoku, utility, and a paring knife, all with razor-sharp edges.

Each blade features a colored ergonomic handle made of durable polypropylene, which also has non-slip properties.

You’ll find the handle fits in the palm of your hand, while the finger guard helps reduce hand fatigue.

The white knife block has a contemporary look perfect for modern kitchens.

What we like about this is that it has color-coded slots based on the color of the knives’ handles.

Plus, its pull-to-release mechanism ensures your safety and prevents unwanted cuts.

The problem is, the bottom of the knife block doesn’t have any anti-slip pads, so it can slip and slide when placed on a slippery surface.

It’s also a bit pricey for a set that includes only five knives.

Is the Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set Any Good?

Good-quality knives don’t always have to be expensive.

The trick is finding the balance between price and quality, and that’s what the Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set offers.

These beautiful blades boast exceptional stain and rust resistance, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

If you like Damascus-style knives, this budget pick will surely meet your expectations, minus the high price tag.