Best Chef Knife Bags: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Precious cooking tools, like knives and shears, perform better and longer when stored in the best chef knife bag.

These bags or rolls can help keep your blades sharp and durable for a long time.

They are especially important for people who travel with knives often, ensuring maximum protection for the carrier and those around them.

Today, we are presenting some of the best knife bags 2020 has to offer.

With them comes some essential information you need to address before deciding on a purchase.

Comparison Chart

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Chef’s Knife Roll Bag, Waxed Canvas Knife Cutlery Carrier, Portable Chef Knife Cases, Knife Pouch Holders With 10 Slots Plus 1 Zipper Pockets Can Hold Home Kitchen Knife Tools Up To 18.8” (Army Green)
41n9+HiYm7L. SL500
Chef’s Knife Roll Bag (14 slots) Holds 10 Knives PLUS Meat Cleaver, Utility Pocket, AND 4 Tasting Spoons! Our Durable Knife Carrier Includes Shoulder Strap and Name Card Holder. (Knives Not Included)
31XfLN8aXKL. SL500
Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag, Elastic and Expandable 10 Pockets, Adjustable/Detachable Shoulder Strap, Travel-Friendly Chef Knife Case (Coffe with Bag, Canvas)
41nT8ifDSCL. SL500
Chef Knife Bag (8+ Slots) is Padded and Holds 8 Knives PLUS Your Meat Cleaver, Knife Steel, 4 Utensils, and a Zipped Pouch for Tools! Durable Knife Carrier also Includes a Name Card Holder. (Bag Only)
Khaki Chef’s Knife Roll Case, Waxed Canvas Cutlery Knives Holders Protectors, Home Kitchen Cooking Tools and Utensils Wrap Bag Wallet, Multi-Purpose Brush Roll Bag, Travel Tool Roll Pouch (Khaki)

Best Chef Knife Bag Reviews

1. Hersent Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

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This travel-friendly rollout bag by Hersent comes in army green, blue, gray, and tan.

It is the only bag you will ever need for camping, barbecuing, and other outdoor cooking activities.

Product Highlights

This bag allows you to store 11 hand tools of varying lengths, the longest being 18.8 inches.

It has a flap cover to help keep the tools secure and prevent injuries.

The bag is made of durable canvas that’s waxed to repel water. Even so, you still want to avoid soaking the material when cleaning it.

To clean it, wipe the surface using a damp sponge, and avoid using strong detergents.

As much as possible, only spot-clean the bag so that it maintains its appearance longer.

Portable and travel-friendly, you can bring this roll bag pretty much anywhere.

Whether it is a backyard barbecue or an out-of-town camping trip, you will find that this small and convenient pack can hold all the tools you need for cooking outdoors.

It also has quick-release and secure buckle wraps to make your venture less stressful.

These wraps make inserting and removing your knife of choice easy.

We also love that it fits tightly and securely, preventing your tools from falling out.

The Good

This 11-slot roll bag by Hersent is just what you need for a short trip outdoors.

It has a waxed canvas covering that keeps moisture and, consequently, germs and bacteria from coming in contact with your tools.

This is especially important to prevent contamination for safer food preparation.

The Bad

This bag doesn’t really allow for some thorough cleaning.

The best you are able to do is wipe it down with a damp sponge, which hardly does anything for more serious messes.

Getting a little too intense with the cleaning will likely ruin this roll bag’s aesthetics.


  • Lightweight
  • Large capacity
  • Tight release and secure wraps


  • Not made for intense cleaning

2. Noble Home & Chef Knife 15-Slots Roll Bag

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If you happen to have an extensive knife collection you are fond of bringing outdoors, then this is the roll bag for you.

You can carry more than 10 tools in it, including scissors, cleavers, and knives.

Product Highlights

Aside from the 11 hand tools it allows you to carry effortlessly, the bag offers four more pockets designed for forks, spoons, and other utensils.

You also get a handle and shoulder strap that lets you choose how to carry the bag. This way, you never really get tired of carrying it.

Years of usage won’t be able to break down this bag’s 600 Denier canvas-woven polyester.

This super-sturdy material is built not only to withstand the elements but also to keep the bag light, tight, and secure.

There is also a name tag slot for you to place your identification. After all, it can be a horror to lose all your precious kitchen tools outdoors.

Lastly, this bag comes with two cover flaps made of canvas that add to its waterproofing capability.

Top that off with adjustable straps and strong metal zippers, and you have a bag that keeps your knives secure and isn’t a safety hazard to the public.

The Good

Where this bag stands out the most is in its capacity and durability.

It allows you to carry up to 11 knives as long as 18 inches and four other hand tools, including scissors and cleavers.

You can expect this bag to give you years of service, thanks to the 600 Denier canvas-woven polyester cover.

The Bad

What’s not too good about this roll bag is that the “roll” tends to loosen over time.

As such, you might find that using the handle or shoulder straps is not possible for fear of your items falling out.

Carrying the roll by hand would be more appropriate in case this happens.


  • Large capacity
  • Handle and shoulder straps
  • High-quality, durable covering


  • “Roll” loosens over time

3. Aaron Leather Goods Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag

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Roll bags rarely get as classy as this one, that’s for sure.

Here is one that comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap to offer you multiple carrying options.

If you get too tired carrying the bag over your shoulder, switch to the hand-held mode, and you’ll be all good.

Product Highlights

What stands out more than anything else with this bag is the craftsmanship.

It is handcrafted with premium-quality leather that you usually won’t see in any other chef knife bag of the same price.

This bag looks expensive, period.

Your hand tools are secured by two vintage buckles that look extra classy. They form a tight roll around the bag, locking the items inside securely.

In addition, you get a durable zipper pouch to keep your knives secure while in transit.

It can hold knives up to 18 inches in length and other tools you wish to bring outdoors.

This bag would be a dream to have for anyone just entering culinary school.

It symbolizes the class and sophistication aspiring chefs wish to develop in themselves.

The Good

The leather on this bag is absolute perfection.

The two vintage buckles add to the bag’s overall sophistication and really take it to the next level.

Plus, they aren’t simply aesthetic additions; they make the bag more functional, as well.

The Bad

There is one little bit of design flaw with this bag.

Once compartments are completely filled, you may not be able to adjust the straps as far as they need to go.

This means an additional hole may have to be made to achieve the right adjustment.


  • Classy and sophisticated look
  • Premium buff and calf leather
  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps


  • Strap design flaw

4. Noble Home & Chef 8-Slot Knife Bag

41nT8ifDSCL. SL500

This bag gives you eight slots in which to insert knives up to 18 inches long.

That’s not all, though, because it also comes with a section for holding spoons, forks, and other tools securely.

Product Highlights

For a relatively small knife roll bag, this Noble Home and Chef product indeed offers a big extra.

In addition to the eight knife slots and utensil-holder section, you also get a zipper pouch for any other hand tools you might want to bring.

It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap and strong handle for safe and easy carrying.

What’s more, you get a padded interior for better safety and performance preservation even after years and years of use.

Like another Noble Home & Chef creation on our list, this one is also made of 600 Denier canvas-woven polyester for superior durability.

It has a tough, moisture-repelling canvas cover flap to ensure that your knives are kept safe and sound.

The quality zipper then makes sure all tools are kept in place while you travel.

If you are thinking about going on a short wilderness trip, just grab this travel-friendly knife roll, a flashlight, some extra batteries, and matches, and you’ll be all set.

The Good

This is an exceptionally efficient product, given its price.

It is incredibly durable, convenient, and offers additional pouches for hand tools you may want to take with you on a barbecue or camping trip.

The Bad

The bag could have had a more convenient design.

Sometimes, you have to open or unfold the entire roll bag just to get one knife out.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Additional pouches
  • Made of durable polyester


  • Slight design flaw

5. Hersent Khaki Chef’s Knife Roll Case

This multipurpose roll bag is super easy to travel with.

It is a really safe and convenient way to transport all the hand tools you need for outdoor cooking.

Worried about your knives and other tools knocking into each other? Not with this bag!

Product Highlights

You can store a wide assortment of tools in this affordable, classy-looking roll bag.

We are not just talking about knives, either, though there are seven compartments for those items alone.

There is also enough room for other accessories, such as scissors and utensils for carving, paring, and other meal preparation activities.

This bag’s durability is also highly commendable. It’s made of a strong material that’s scratch-proof and puncture-resistant.

Its durability gives the user the long-term support he or she needs to complete the culinary journey.

Despite the product’s strong covering, it doesn’t damage the knives in any way. Your knives are completely safe and protected inside this roll.

Plus, it allows you to travel with your tools easily, without the least bit of hassle.

The Good

What’s great about this knife roll case is that it is cheap yet classy.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is also functionally sound.

These are all great qualities to have, given that the item won’t even set you back a fortune.

The Bad

In a case of “you get what you paid for,” the knives can easily poke a hole through the bottom of the sheathing.

So, you will want to be extra careful when handling this roll bag.


  • Durable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Reasonably priced


  • Too-sharp knives may puncture the sheathing

Buyer’s Guide

Not all knife bags and rolls are created equal; some look and perform better than others.

There are models that offer features you can’t find in a standard bag or roll.

Here are the main considerations to go over before making a purchase:

1. Size

For your cooking tools to be properly protected within the bag, you have to purchase a knife bag that’s just the right size.

A bag or roll that does not fit your longest knife won’t allow you to bring your entire set with you.

A case that’s too big, on the other hand, won’t be able to hold all your tools securely.

Also, if your entire knife set consists of 14 knives, a bag with fewer than 14 compartments won’t suffice.

Thus, before making a decision, consider how many knives you have and their lengths.

Measure them correctly and get a bag with a suitable length and number of pockets.

2. Material

Do you want a bag that is lighter and softer or one that is studier?

The type of material your knife bag or roll is made of will determine this. It will also determine how your item is cleaned or maintained.

Take, for example, a set of 10 pricey chef knives.

These tools will need to be kept in a bag or roll made of leather since it’s a material that helps keep knives sharp.

The case also has to have excellent stitching for better durability.

Conversely, if your knife set is composed of smaller tools and knives, a high-quality roll made of polyester should suffice.

There’s no need to break the bank with an expensive case if your knives aren’t top-notch.

3. Price

Getting a good knife bag doesn’t require you to go beyond your budget.

There are plenty of good-quality products that fall within the low- to mid-price range.

Some research should help you get a good idea of what these products are.

Basically, leather bags or rolls will be pricier than nylon and polyester ones.

Still, you can find decent-priced bags that have excellent design, great material, and quality stitching.

4. Overall Look

The appearance typically doesn’t fall high on the list of priorities where knife bags are concerned. Still, some consider them important.

Besides, if you have the budget to spare, you’ll want to get a functional knife roll that’s also great-looking.

Then again, in some models, how it looks also impacts functionality.

For instance, there are bags designed with shoulder and hand straps for more comfortable carrying.

Some rolls can also be carried like backpacks for more user convenience.

When it comes to design, many users usually pick the bags with shoulder straps and handles that offer more versatility in carrying.

Knife Bag FAQs

1. What do chefs keep in their knife rolls?

Chefs usually fill their knife rolls with the tools most useful to them. This could vary since they go about their culinary journey in different ways.

Still, most chef knife rolls are bound to contain a bunch of knives and hand tools needed for a particular cooking session.

These tools may also vary depending on the kind of dishes being prepared, whether they are breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals.

Ordinarily, a knife roll should contain the following:

  • an eight-inch Chef’s knife
  • an eight-inch Santoku knife
  • a few paring and butcher knives
  • a honing steel
  • a peeler
  • a couple of thermometers
  • pens or sharpies
  • a measuring spoon set

This should about have you covered for the range of meal preparation activities outdoors.

2. How do you put knives in a knife roll?

One thing’s for sure: You can’t arrange knives in a knife roll at random. Doing that would make for one messy arrangement.

To ensure that your knives are stored safely and can be removed easily, insert the type of knife or hand tool in their respective compartment.

If a specific pocket is for a tall knife, don’t put a short knife or any other accessory in it.

Most users can usually tell if a pocket is meant for a long chef’s knife, paring knife, cleaver, or a pair of scissors just by looking at it.

At times, your case or bag will come with an instruction manual telling you where the pieces are supposed to go.

3. Why do chefs carry their own knives?

When you reach the level of culinary mastery a chef has, you tend to be more particular about using your own set of tools.

In fact, in higher-end professional restaurants, meal preparation is suited to meet this design.

They usually provide chefs their own workstations where they have their own set of knives or use the set they bring with them.

Chefs usually clean and sharpen their knives personally.

They make it a point to never touch another’s knives or any item that is not in their station without permission.

In fact, once a chef quits, they take their knives with them.

Knives are part of a chef’s identity, so to speak, so they will never carry or use a set other than their own.

4. How do you take care of a knife bag?

The way you clean and maintain a knife bag will ultimately depend on the type of material it is made of.

Still, for the most part, knife rolls should not be machine-washed or dry-cleaned.

To be sure your bag is cleaned correctly, check the label. There, you should find cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

If a case is not machine-washable, you may brush it using a soft brush or spot-clean it using a damp sponge.

5. What is a knife bag used for?

If you own a set of precious knives or hand tools, never place it in a regular bag or suitcase.

In a regular bag, all these knives thrown together could cause serious damage to the bag and the other items inside it.

Plus, there is the fact that a knife could poke a hole through the bag’s material and possibly stab you or someone around you as you are walking.

Conversely, a chef knife bag prevents you from having to experience all these.

With a good knife case, knives and other tools will be secured properly in their respective compartments.

Being able to do that ensures maximum safety for both you and your precious tools.

Since the knife bag comes with specialized pockets, removing the knife of your choice should be easy and convenient.

There will be no need to dig through other items and risk yourself getting hurt in the process just to get the desired knife.

A knife roll or bag should be made of strong, quality materials that repel moisture, dirt, and dust.

It should also offer the best way to store a set of knives so that no item gets damaged and no one gets hurt.

Final Verdict

Investing in expensive knives and other culinary items, more often than not, also requires investing in the best chef knife bag.

With one, you can be sure that your collection is safe in storage.

Whether we need to travel with our knives or just require a place to store them safely, these high-quality bags and rolls are fantastic choices.

Fortunately, there are various designs and models to select from. You can find bags worn over the shoulder or rollouts tied to chords that are held by hand.

There are also more expensive and classier options, like leather, making you feel more sophisticated when carrying the bag.

If you desire more affordable options, materials like nylon, polyester, and cotton are also available.

Each material has pros and cons that should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Yes, this is indeed a challenging endeavor, particularly for first-time buyers, so we hope this guide offers some help.

If we are to choose one, we believe that the Hersent Chef’s Knife 11-Slot Roll Bag wins in every aspect one should judge a roll or bag by.

It’s got a great price, is just the right size to accommodate something bigger than a small knife set, has a classy design, and secures and releases tools with ease.

Then again, you may have your eye on another product that better suits your needs and preferences. That is perfectly okay, too.

Whether you have a limited budget or don’t mind spending a bit more money, there is always a great option out there.

Another excellent premium pick from our list would be the Aaron Leather Goods Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag.

It has a super classy look to top off its optimal design and functionality.