Best Knife Makers in the World

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If you are planning on buying a knife, naturally, you would want to know who the best knife makers in the world are. In this way, you can be sure that you are buying from a reputable brand.

Having a great knife will undoubtedly deliver a smooth rocking motion when you are cutting. A great knife will also be perfectly balanced and feel absolutely perfect when you are holding it. These knives will typically be made from high carbon materials and will hold their edge in most fields of application.

The best knife is an investment you make for life and is something you should take utmost care of. However, we are certain you knew that already. You are more curious to know more about who makes these amazing knives, aren’t you?

Best Knife Makers in the World  

It goes without saying that there are countless knife manufacturers in the world who make some amazing quality knives in a wide range of styles and prices. However, there are a handful of brands, in our opinion, that are known for their impeccable quality.

Some of these brands, in no particular order, include:


Known famously for their Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox is much more than that one product. The brand comes with a massive range of over 170 different knives. This is a brand that not only chefs and professionals but also home cooks have relied on for ages.  

One of the biggest reasons why this brand stands out from the rest is because of their knives having a phenomenal quality, an ergonomic design, and its construction that is made out of durable materials. It gets fairly clear with that itself that this is one of the best knife brands in the world.


Henckels is another fantastic brand that makes some of the best knives in the world. However, do note that there are two Henckels brands out on the market: the Zwilling J.A. Henckels and the J.A. Henckels International.

While both hail from the same brand, the latter is known for making knives that are budget-friendly.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels is known for manufacturing premium knives at a good price without compromising on its quality. They have been in the industry for over a century now, and they know exactly how to make the best-forged knives. This brand also has a wide range of knives and knife sets.  

Case Knives  

Case Knives is an American brand. They are a manufacturer of fixed blades, sporting knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives, limited edition commemoratives, and collectibles.

The company was first founded in New York but moved to its current location in Bradford, Pennsylvania, around the turn of the 20th century.

The great thing about this brand is that you will find any type of knife you are looking for here. You can choose from pocket knives to a chef’s knife to knives for hunting. The knives from this brand are made from high-end materials and are built to last for years.

Buck Knives  

Buck is another classic American knife brand. It was founded over a century ago in 1902 in San Diego, California. Presently, they are headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho.

The company has been managed by five generations of the Buck family right from the start to the present day. Right from their first model, the 110 Folding Hunter, which is still one of their top-selling lines to this day, the company has come a long way ever since.

The company has been producing some of the best and full-valued knives ever made. These knives are an ideal choice for the outdoorsmen since they are highly durable, reliable, and elegantly simple.


Wüsthof is a fantastic German knife brand that was founded over two centuries ago in 1814. The company is headquartered in Solingen, Germany.

Just like the previous brand, Wüsthof has been a family-owned company for the last seven generations. They are particularly known for their mid-priced to high-end kitchen knives for domestic and professional use.

The brand is renowned all over the world for making some of the most amazing quality knives that are designed carefully to perform with perfection and with absolute ease. You can be assured that investing in one of these knives will leave you with uncompromised quality.


Benchmade Knives is a cutlery company founded in 1979 by Les De Asis in Oregon City, Oregon. The company specializes in high-grade production knives. The brand is one of the most widely known knife manufacturers in the world because they make high-quality knives and tools that are proudly made in the United States.  

The company breaks their knives into three classes: Gold, Blue, and Black. There used to be a Red Class, as well; however, that was discontinued in 2010. The Gold Class refers to their highest quality knives made of super expensive steels and exotic materials.

The Blue Class is more standard, where you will find knives meant for domestic use. The Black Class is mainly for heavy-duty knives meant for military, enforcement, and public safety groups.

Zero Tolerance  

Based in Oregon and founded in 2006, Zero Tolerance is a fairly new knife brand that has made a mark in the industry. While the brand name may sound a bit of a gimmick at first, they are known to make some of the best blades on the market.

That said, they do come with a price tag that matches that impeccable quality. Buying a Zero Tolerance knife is an investment since it is very expensive.

However, you can be assured that you are getting the best steel, the highest quality components, and the sturdiest design with their knives. The brand is particularly known for camping knives and EDC knives.  


Those were some of the best knife makers in the world at present. We can say with certainty that buying a knife from any one of these brands will leave you completely satisfied with both the quality and performance.

While most of these knives are pricey, you can be assured that you are buying a knife that will easily last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. Also, keep checking out our website to be updated on the latest knives and knife advice.