Best Self Sharpening Knife Sets in 2024: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Working with a not-so-sharp knife can be a nightmare. If only there were a way your knives could sharpen on their own.

Well, that’s where the best self sharpening knife set comes in.

These knives are always super sharp when you take them out of the block, and that every block is the reason why.

This block has sharpeners inside that sharpen the blade of the knife every time you insert it in.

That’s why most shelf sharpening knives come in sets much like the traditional Japanese knife sets.

Comparison Chart

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Calphalon Contemporary Self-Sharpening 20-Piece Knife Block Set
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Sabatier Self-Sharpening Edgekeeper Pro 12-Piece Forged Triple Rivet Knife Block Set
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Farberware Self-Sharpening 13-Piece Knife Block Set
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Henckels Classic 15-pc Self-Sharpening Block Set
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Styled Settings Self Sharpening Knife Set With Block

Best Self Sharpening Knife Set Reviews

1. Calphalon Contemporary 20-Piece Self-Sharpening Knife Set

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The number one spot goes to the Calphalon Contemporary 20-Piece Self-Sharpening Knife set.

Calphalon is an American cookware, bakeware, and cutlery brand that has been around for ages.

As the name suggests, it’s a contemporary set with an elegant finish and reliable performance. 

There are a total of 20 knives in the set that should easily cover all your cutting and slicing needs in the kitchen.

Product Highlights

The features of this set that you need to make a note of are as follows:

  • Inclusions

This self sharpening knife set by Calphalon includes the block, two 4.5-inch paring knives, eight steak knives, a pair of kitchen shears, a five-inch Santoku knife, seven-inch Santoku knife, six-inch utility knife, eight-inch slicer, 5.5-inch bagel knife, eight-inch chef’s knife, six-inch fork, eight-inch bread knife.

  • Knives

The knives’ blades are made of fully forged, high-carbon German stainless steel.

Each blade also has the Calphalon logo with the knife’s name.

The metallic cap of each handle has been labeled with the knife’s name, which is good for newbies who aren’t that familiar with different types of knives.

Holding the knives is also easy and strain-free since the handles feature natural, ergonomic curves.

Material-wise, the handles are made of poly-resin for a firm grip.

Plus, the black color goes really well with the stainless steel blade.

Thanks to the bolster and tang, the knives have a very well-balanced grip.

It also helps that they aren’t heavy individually.

  • Block

The wooden block has ceramic sharpeners that help sharpen the blades.

The block has a beautiful walnut finish with the Calphalon name and logo engraved on the front.

It can add a modern vibe to your counter.

Sharpening is easy with the product’s SharpIN Technology; you just have to keep the knife in storage.

The block also has extra slots if you want to sharpen and store other knives in your kitchen in the same place.

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The Good

The addition of the extra slots makes it a viable option for both home and professional kitchens.

That essentially eliminates the need to buy more storage blocks for knives, as you can pretty much use this for all the knives.

That said, you’d hardly need to buy more knives since this extensive set includes most of the knives you would need.

The Bad

What’s not to like about a knife set with quality construction, a large variety of knives, and labels for convenience?

Well, these require a bit more maintenance when it comes to cleaning since they aren’t dishwasher-safe.

That means you’ll need to wash each by hand and dry them with a towel before placing them in the block, or they could get rusted.

Another thing is that these may not be so ideal or affordable for a small home, as the set contains several knives.


  • Quality German steel blades 
  • Always sharp
  • Labeled knives
  • Shears included
  • Beautiful wooden block
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Costly
  • Not dishwasher-friendly

2. Sabatier Self Sharpening Edgekeeper Pro 12-Piece Set

51Y8KE+U3oL. SL500

For those looking for a more affordable option for the best self sharpening knife set, the Sabatier 12-Piece Edgekeeper set is a good choice.

Many brands produce knives by the name Sabatier, but this one is actually from the brand Sabatier.

Sabatier identifies the knife makers in the Thiers region of France.

However, these are probably not manufactured there.

Nevertheless, the variety and quality earned this set a solid spot on the list.

Product Highlights

Some of the things you’ll expect from this set are:

  • Inclusions

This Sabatier Self Sharpening Set includes a total of 10 knives, namely six 4.5-inch steak knives and one each of an eight-inch chef’s knife, 4.5-inch utility knife, five-inch chef’s knife with Kullens, and  3.5-inch paring knife.

  • Knives

All the knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel that doesn’t get stained or rusted since it’s corrosion-resistant.

These knives have a full-length tang and bolster. They also have a more traditional look with three-riveted handles.

These handles have an ergonomic silhouette for a solid and safe grip.

  • Block

The Edgekeeper block features appropriate slots with sharpeners, but not for steak knives.

Thus, the manufacturer has also designed the block to separate steak knives from the others pretty distinctly.

Whenever you draw out a knife, the ceramic sharpeners sharpen the edge, giving it a new knife feel and performance.

Design-wise, the hardwood block has a dark almost-black finish that complements the knives that go in it. 

412M5TFFujL. SL500

The Good

This set covers all basic knife needs and is quite reasonably priced, making it a good value product.

The best part is its wooden block with a modern design that makes it easy to store the knives.

It also has a striking black finish that can suit all kinds of kitchen themes.

The Bad

While it’s not exactly a flaw but rather a design choice, there are no sharpening ceramic rods inside the slots for steak knives.

That means if you use the steak knives very frequently, they may require manual or traditional sharpening.


  • High-carbon steel blades
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Firm grip
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Steak knives don’t self sharpen

3. Farberware Self Sharpening 13-Piece Knife Set

41R0qUgWmbL. SL500

If you like fully metallic knives with metallic handles, you’ll love the Farberware Self Sharpening Set with Edgekeeper technology.

Farberware is one of the oldest cookware and cutlery companies going back an entire century.

They have managed to stay updated with the times, using the latest manufacturing technologies.

This 13-piece set is no exception since it’s useful, reliable, and stylish.

Product Highlights

Some of the things this set offers are:

  • Inclusions

The pieces in this elegant knife set include the block, a pair of kitchen shears, six pieces of 4.5 inches steak knives, and one each of a five-inch Santoku knife, eight-inch slicing knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, eight-inch chef’s knife, and 5.5-inch serrated utility knife.

  • Knives

The knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel with hollow handles that match the blades aesthetically.

The handles also have ergonomic grooves that make it effortless to hold them even for long hours.

With six steak knives and seven others, the set is enough for a household.

Whether you’re cooking salmon or just preparing veggies for your salad, these knives should be more than enough.

  • Block

The holder has ceramic slots that sharpen the straight edge blade of the knives every time they go in or out. 

It has two layers of slots, with the bottom layer exclusively designated for the steak knives.

It has a contemporary shape and construction, with the all-black look complementing the stainless steel knives.

31Kbvq9e66S. SL500

The Good

The knives in this set are simply beautiful. An all-metallic look gives them a luxurious feel, even though this isn’t an expensive set.

Also, the blades are pretty sharp, so you can expect nothing but good performance.

The Bad

The knives require hand washing. Also, you have to dry them for a clean look without any water streaks.

This makes them a bit tedious to clean and store.


  • Ample variety of knives
  • Shears included
  • Lightweight knives
  • Ergonomic and beautiful design


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No labels

4. Henckel Classic 15-Piece Self Sharpening Block Set

41yXIhXz1SL. SL500

Henckel is a knife-maker that hardly needs an introduction as their knives aren’t just found in home kitchens but also professional ones.

This Classic set has 15 pieces, but you can also find it in seven and 20 pieces.

When they say classic, they really do mean it because the knives have a very traditional look.

Still, they were made using the latest techniques.

Product Highlights

This set has a lot to offer, including:

  • Inclusions

There are a total of 15 pieces in this German set, including the shears, the block, four five-inch steak knives, and a seven-inch hollow edge Santoku knife, a four-inch paring knife, a five-inch serrated utility knife, a  5.5-inch prep knife, and an eight-inch chef’s knife.

  • Knives

Much like the top choice Calphalon set, the knives in the Henckel set have labels for easy identification.

As for the knives, you can rest assured that the construction is high-quality.

With stainless steel blades and three-riveted handles, the knives fit in a chef’s hand naturally.

  • Block

Unlike the top choice Calphalon set, the included block in this set has a label, so you know exactly where each knife goes.

Still, they would need to know which knife is for which purpose.

Also, all the knife slots equipped with ceramic rods are self-sharpening.

The four steak knives go at the bottom, and they too are sharpened every time you insert one in or take it out.

This wooden block storage has a dark finish with a classic wooden texture.

The slots where the kitchen knives and shears go have a stainless steel cap. This feature makes the block even sturdier.

The Good

This Henckel’s Self Sharpening knife set’s ashwood block is probably the sturdiest on the list.

Not only is it durable, but also super elegant; plus, it features Henckel’s logo.

The steel plate on the top with the slots makes it long-lasting and improves the aesthetic value.

The Bad

While the knives and the block are simply great, the size of the block may not be so space-efficient.

That is especially for smaller kitchens pressed for counter space.


  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Plenty of knife variety
  • Durable block
  • Labeled slots


  • A bit big for small kitchens

5. Styled Settings Copper Self-Sharpening Knife Set

41elX4Y iNL. SL500

The Style Settings Copper Self Sharpening Knife Set knocks it out of the park when it comes to look and style.

It gets the name copper because of the copper bolsters of the knives.

While this brand is relatively new, their addition will certainly add that wow factor to your kitchen counter.

Besides, the knives perform well, which makes it all the more worth your money.

Product Highlights

Some of the top features of this set are as follows:

  • Inclusions

This is a comparatively smaller set with seven pieces: block, built-in sharpeners, a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a utility knife, a bread knife, and a carving knife.

  • Knives

The knives are gorgeous to look at and work great too.

The stainless steel blades deliver a sharp cut or slice every time.

Each knife has a beautiful rose gold finish on the bolster and tang.

The handles are pakkawood, which is naturally soft and lightweight.

They are secure with three rivets, which match the rose gold finish of the copper.

  • Block

As for the block, it matches the sleek and elegant aesthetic of the knives.

The five knives also stay sharp, thanks to the built-in knife sharpeners in the slots.

Unlike conventional storage blocks, it’s upright, meaning the knives go straight in vertically.

The top of the block has a metal plate, matching the finish of the knives.

It features the double S logo of Styled Settings at the bottom.

Needless to say that this set can also make an excellent gift for anyone who takes their knives very seriously.

41K1iH44uvL. SL500

The Good

The design is a clear winner here, whether you consider the beautiful finish or the modern shape or mechanism of the block.

With a rose gold finish, the knives look super elegant and luxurious.

The Bad

This is a very basic set with just five knives.

Still, these knives are the most commonly used ones except the bread knife.


  • Beautiful design
  • Sharp blades
  • Space-saving
  • Comfortable grip
  • Copper bolsters


  • Limited variety of knives
  • A bit pricey

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a knife set warrants even more attention than purchasing a single knife because it’s not just one but many or all of your knives.

With a self-sharpening knife set, you have to consider many things besides the obvious self-sharpening mechanism.

Below are some of the most important factors you need to consider.

Number and Types of Knives

The first thing you need to decide on is how many knives you actually need.

The number of knives in a set can range anywhere from four to twenty, sometimes even more.

Obviously, the higher the number, the more you’ll pay.

You should take into account your usage.

For instance, if you cook very often and different cuisines, you could use a bigger set.

For those looking for something basic, a knife set with four to five of the essential knives, like chef’s knife, paring knife, utility knife, and perhaps a serrated knife, should do the job.

In most of the bigger sets, at least four of the knives are typical steak knives.

If you eat steak a lot or host parties with steak on the menu, such sets may be ideal for you.

Knife Blade

Blades should ideally be high-carbon steel since it’s the sharpest and most durable.

Just because you’re buying a self-sharpening block doesn’t mean you don’t need the blade to be sharp.

It will only be sharp if it is of superior quality; hence, choosing a reliable brand would be wise.

Knife Handle

It doesn’t really matter what kind of handle it is, as long as it’s comfortable.

With contours that match the natural curves your hand makes, an ergonomic handle can do wonders.

Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the design of the handle.

As for the material, it could be wood or synthetic. Both can be pretty sturdy in their own right.

That said, wood handles give a more traditional look and feel.

Some chefs prefer it over the black plastic handles.

It simply has more to do with personal preferences, so go with the one that you like.


For self sharpening knives, the block is the lifeline because it’s the one that makes and keeps them sharp.

While this is something you’ll only know with time and usage, it still makes sense to ensure that the slots have sharpeners in them.

Some knife sets only have these in a few slots. Whether that’s ok or not depends on you.

Typically, the knife block would be made of wood, which is sturdy and eco-friendly.

Some may be made with synthetic materials or bolstered with steel.

Some blocks or knives also have labeling that helps you store the knife exactly where it goes.

If you’re a newbie with knives, go with an appropriately labeled set.

Size and Weight

You may want to consider the overall size of the block and its weight.

The weight will give you an idea of the knives’ weight if the weight for each isn’t mentioned.

Similarly, the size will tell you whether it will take a lot of space on the kitchen counter.

The size corresponds typically with the number of knives.

Got a crowded kitchen with limited counter space? Go with a smaller block with five to seven essential knives.


Since it’s hard to evaluate the knives’ blade or their sharpness, choosing a well-known brand is one way to go about it.

Many knife makers have decades, if not centuries, of experience. You can trust these brands for their products.

When you’re unsure about a brand or product, it’s best to choose it if it has a warranty or flexible return policy.


If you have budget constraints, you should also consider finding the best set for your money.

These sets start at $50 and can go upwards of $300 easily.

So decide how much you are willing to spend on this set and make sure it meets your needs too.

You don’t necessarily need to spend more than $100 to find a quality set, as you can easily find one under it with up to 12 knives.

Best Self-Sharpening Knife Set FAQs

1. What Are Self Sharpening Knives?

Self sharpening knives come with a storage block which also acts as a sharpener.

Each knife slot has ceramic sharpeners that sharpen the knife when inserted or taken out.

The ceramic sharpening edges are inserted inside the slots and fixed in there permanently.

Ceramic is the best material for this purpose instead of other materials like steel that’s used for sharpening knives manually.

So, self sharpening knives are actually not really self sharpening; rather, they get sharpened by the block.

Therefore, these knives always come with a block.

2. How To Wash Self Sharpening Knives?

Some self sharpening knives may be dishwasher-safe, which means you can wash them in the dishwasher.

In most cases, though, it would be recommended to wash by hands using a bit of soap.

Also, make sure to dry the knives before inserting them back in the slots on the block to avoid rusting and corrosion.

3. How Many Knives Do Self Sharpening Knife Sets Have?

A self sharpening knife set can have many knives. Usually, the sets start at four and can go up to 20.

The bigger the set, the more variety it has. The sets with ten or more knives typically have multiple steak knives.

Also, many such sets include kitchen shears to complete them.


The best self sharpening knife set has to be the Calphalon Contemporary 20-piece Set because it meets all the requirements of a quality set.

The knives already have very high-quality blades, so one can only imagine how great they would work every time with the self-sharpening ceramic inside the slots.

Plus, all the knives have clear labels on the caps, making the set good for professional use, where chefs may have students learning to use different knives.

If you don’t really need all 20 knives, you can go for a smaller set.

Just make sure to consider all the important things before making the purchase.

Also, make sure you maintain knives properly; not just because they are self-sharpening doesn’t mean you can take their maintenance for granted.