Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife 2024 Review

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Quick Overview



  • Premium quality steel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Well-balanced
  • Thin, sharp blade
  • Ease of use


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Miyabi is under the umbrella of the German knife-making company Zwilling J.A. Henckels, creating top-of-the-line Japanese cutlery.

Included in the list is the well-balanced Miyabi Birchwood 8-Inch Chef’s Knife boasting a sharp and durable blade.

This high-performing knife can cut almost all kinds of food items in your food prep list, whether fish, meat, poultry, fruits, or vegetables.

Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife

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The Miyabi Birchwood 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is one of the brand’s high-grade kitchen tools.

Its impressive cutting edge can cut different types of food effortlessly.

This rugged and heavy chef’s knife first became available in the market on August 10, 2011, and is still obtainable for those interested.

Who Is This Product For?

This handcrafted Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife is suitable for professional chefs and home cooks who love beautiful but functional kitchenware.

It is the perfect all-around kitchen tool for your everyday meal preparation tasks.

Hence, you can start your kitchenware collection from this Birchwood chef’s knife.

This knife model’s sharp blade and edge retention allow you to handle complicated cutting tasks.

However, some may feel challenged when used for more extended periods.

What’s Included?

If you decide to purchase this 8-Inch Birchwood Chef’s Knife from Miyabi, you will receive this high-end kitchen cutlery.

Included in the purchase is the lifetime warranty provided by the client.

Overview of the Features

The Miyabi Birchwood 8-Inch Chef’s Knife boasts an impeccable design and high-end quality, making it the perfect go-to kitchen tool during meal preparations.

  • Blade Structure

The multiple steel layers help protect the blade while improving its edge retention and durability.

The Honbazuke honing process is an ice-hardening method to sharpen and toughen the Cryodur blade.

The more rigid steel can also hold an edge better, eliminating the need to sharpen frequently.

  • Design

This top-of-the-line Birchwood 8-Inch Knife features a rich traditional Japanese style.

It has a broad stainless steel blade for different cutting tasks.

The blade went through a special treatment producing a unique Damascus flower design while hardening the edge in the process.

The warm brown birchwood handle comes with a finely detailed line and stripes design as the aesthetic mosaic pin completes the sophisticated look of the knife.

  • Handle Design

The handle of this chef’s knife features Birchwood showcasing the natural wood texture with ripples and swirls.

Like a traditional Japanese knife, this Birchwood model comes with a D-shaped handle for a more comfortable grip and precise cutting.

The handle has a mosaic pin and an end cap for added enhancement, where you’ll find the stenciled logo.

  • Steel Strength

The 8-inch blade of the Birchwood chef’s knife is made of premium micro-carbide steel powder.

It is enclosed in 100 layers of two different steel sheets, resulting in a Rockwell hardness rating of 63.

These steel layers provide exceptional durability, hardness, and sharpness to the chef’s knife.

Also, they form a floral Damascus pattern on the blade.

One of the most rigid materials for your knife’s blade is the SG2 carbon steel, as it will not break or snap during daily cutting work.

How To Get the Most Out of It

Through the use of the micro-carbide powder steel material, you now have a hard and corrosion-resistant blade.

It’s an easy-to-maintain chef’s knife that only requires manual hand washing in soapy water with mild detergent.

It would be best to store it in a cool, dry place after allowing it to air dry after washing.

It is also best to use a knife rack or sheath when storing.

You can better understand what this Miyabi Birchwood 8-Inch Chef’s Knife has to offer through this video review below:


If you are overwhelmed with how much this chef’s knife costs, we have found some alternatives that you might want to check and consider.

Kyoku Daimyo 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

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The Kyoku Daimyo 8-Inch Chef’s Knife combines style and strength made with high-grade VG10 Japanese steel.

This durable, rugged, and rust-resistant blade is wrapped in multiple layers of Damascus steel cladding.

With a hardness rating of 60 from Rockwell, this Kyoku knife boasts durability, sharpness, and excellent edge retention.

The knife comes with a slightly curved blade, allowing it to function as a rocker and slicer, providing the flexibility you need in the kitchen.

Although it is heavy at 1.3 pounds, partly because of its complete tang construction, the knife is well-balanced, making it easy to use.

The ergonomic handle made of military-grade G10 fiberglass is waterproof, strong, and comfortable to hold.

However, the handle may become slippery when your hands are wet, making you prone to accidents and injuries.

Also, the blade is not 100% rustproof, which may cause danger if it transfers to your food.

Turwho Professional 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

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Another more affordable alternative is the Turwho Professional 8-Inch Chef’s Knife with a beautiful fishbone pattern on its blade.

It is made of premium quality VG10 Japanese steel that went through a particular treatment, reaching the Rockwell hardness of 60.

This 8-inch chef’s knife blade and lighter weight offer the perfect balance for this kitchen tool.

The ergonomically designed ebony handle is added to its comfort, making it easy to use even for more extended periods.

Overall, this chef’s knife design offers excellent functionality in the kitchen, allowing you to chop, dice, mince or slice almost all kinds of food.

The sharpness of the blade makes it easy to slice and chop fruits and vegetables.

However, the edge dulls quickly when used on meats and fish.


Although the Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife is expensive, you can be sure of its excellent functionality at all times.

As we compare it to the other more affordable options we have found, there is no doubt that the Birchwood possesses the things you need and want in a kitchen tool.

It showcases a sophisticated design and superb construction that give value for your money while offering versatile usage.

So, if you want to start upgrading your kitchen knives, you can start with this high-end Birchwood chef’s knife as your first investment.