Miyabi Wide 6-Inch Fusion Morimoto Knife Review 2024

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Quick Overview



  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Full tang


  • Some users complain of a small handle
  • Not for large ingredients

The Miyabi brand is a famous name in the culinary world, producing different types of knives trusted by renowned chefs worldwide.

One particular chef who loves the Miyabi brand is Chef Masaharu Morimoto, who designed this knife series.

This Miyabi Wide 6-inch Fusion Morimoto Edition Chef Knife is one of several kinds under this category.

Chef Morimoto integrated the traditional Japanese knife-making method with the ergonomic design of the Western world.

Miyabi Wide 6-Inch Fusion Morimoto Knife Review

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This 6-inch wide Morimoto Edition Chef Knife is one of four sizes belonging to this category and will be a great addition to your knife collection.

By the looks of it, you will notice how Chef Morimoto took advantage of his passion for Japanese and Western cultures.

Though not very common, a 6-inch chef knife is lighter, making it easier to control during meal preparation tasks.

Also, these shorter blades offer more agility for chopping or dicing more minor ingredients like vegetables and fruits.

Who Is This Product For?

This 6-inch wide chef knife is for those needing versatility in the kitchen, whether at home or in a professional setup.

If you are searching for a versatile Japanese knife but with a touch of modern Western design, you can consider this option.

What’s Included?

This wide 6-inch fusion chef knife comes well-packaged in an elegant black box, making it an ideal gift for friends, families, or yourself.

Since this knife is from Miyabi, expect to receive a lifetime warranty that comes along with your purchase.

Overview of the Features

One of the most popular series from Miyabi is the Fusion Morimoto Edition.

It is made from one of the best metal and wood material combinations.

  • Specifications

This 6-inch chef knife measures 14.75 x 3 1 inches at 0.6 pounds giving you that lightweight kitchen tool that is easy to handle.

Its complete tang design makes it durable and well-balanced when doing all your kitchen and food preparation tasks.

  • Blade

This knife uses the remarkable stainless steel variety known as VG10 super steel when it comes to its blade material.

After numerous forging and folding, you now have 65 layers of floral Damascus VG10 super steel blade.

The edge has been hand-honed to a nine to 12-degree angle for utmost sharpness and has a Rockwell hardness reading of 60 after going through an ice-hardening process.

This blade hardness adds durability to the knife and excellent edge retention for better performance of its kitchen tasks.

Additionally, the VG10 super steel has superb corrosion resistance, eliminating any fear of food contamination due to rust.

It also possesses the original thin blade profile typical of Japanese knives, giving it the ability to slice tough meat, chop vegetables, or mince herbs.

  • Handle

Another aspect worth taking note of is the knife’s German-inspired handle made of glass-bead-enhanced POM or polyoxymethylene.

This water-resistant handle has an ergonomic design and is fitted and designed with a triple rivet for added security and stability.

With its ergonomic design and water-resistance capabilities, it is safe to use the knife even when your hands are wet.

How To Get the Most Out of It?

Like most Japanese knives, this 6-inch Fusion Morimoto comes with a sharp edge and a wider blade, allowing you to rock it as you chop and slice.

Remember that you must not toss this high-end knife in a dishwasher as it may damage the blade.

It requires manual hand washing once you are done with all your food preparation tasks using mild detergent and water.

Allow the knife to dry completely before putting it in storage. You can use a fitting knife block or a knife sheath or guard to protect the blade.

Check out how practical and functional this knife is in this video review.


There is no doubt about how excellent and functional this Miyabi knife is, but it is also expensive, making you look for other options.

Kyoku 8-Inch Chef Knife

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The Kyoku 8-Inch Chef Knife from the Daimyo series is one alternative with a beautiful wavy Damascus blade.

This knife uses a high-grade VG10 Japanese steel for its blade with a cutting core of 58-60 Rockwell hardness rating.

It also features superb sharpness, fantastic edge retention, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting durability after its liquid nitrogen treatment.

The 67 layers of Damascus steel cladding add to the aesthetic look of the blade and add to the toughness of the cutting core.

Cutting becomes more manageable and safer with the heat and moisture resistant ergonomically designed G10 handle.

This lightweight chef knife is well balanced, allowing you to perform extended cutting sessions without getting fatigued.

Some users claim that the far end of the knife is dull straight out of the box, making it a challenge to use efficiently.

Hezhen Professional 8.3-Inch Chef Knife

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If you want to check on another option, the Hezhen Professional 8.3-Inch Chef Knife is worth considering.

The super sharp blade of the Hezhen chef knife has 67 layers of rose-patterned Damascus steel to improve the thickness and sharpness of the core steel.

This Hezhen chef knife from its Master Series has a 60-62 hardness reading with a razor-sharp edge and wear resistance.

It went through a liquid nitrogen treatment improving the knife’s flexibility and corrosion resistance.

The white shadow wooden handle comes with inlaid rivets complementing the overall aesthetics of this chef’s knife.

A brass ring is installed on the handle that provides balance, making it easy to use in all your food preparation tasks.

It’s a perfect kitchen tool that feels comfortable as it reduces fatigue during extended cutting sessions.

Many users complain that the handle stains or changes color after several uses.


Though the price of the Miyabi wide 6-Inch Fusion Morimoto Edition chef knife is higher than our recommended alternatives, it is still our first choice.

So if you are looking for the best chef knife for your daily kitchen tasks, you will never go wrong with this Miyabi Fusion model.