Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set Review

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Japanese knife sets are becoming increasingly popular not just among professional cooks but also among everyday home cooks.

These knives are famous for how well-built they are, their extreme sharpness, and their lightweight.

They do an excellent job at making food preparation easier and more enjoyable.

If you are seriously considering investing in a good Japanese knife set, our detailed review of the Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set can help.

Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set

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Pronounced as “shoon”, Shun belongs to the heart of Japanese cuisine.

In Japanese, it describes the seasonal and local food when it is the freshest and most flavorful or when the food is at the peak of its perfection.

The cutlery from Shun is renowned for its ultra-premium performance and exquisite beauty.

As attractive as the knives are from the outside, it is what they’re made of that makes them stand out from the rest.

These knives are made from some of the highest quality materials, which make them perform phenomenally well and at the same time make them highly durable and long-lasting.

Who Is the Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set For?

The Shun Sora Knife Set is perfect for those who don’t have a proper knife set already and are interested in investing in one for a long time.

It is a high-quality knife set that perfectly covers almost all different kinds of food preparation.

The knives are great for cutting and chopping large pieces of meats and fish and cutting small fruits.

People who also use herbs regularly in their food will definitely love this set!

This knife set is also great for people who do not have a sharpening tool since the set comes along with one.

What’s Included?

Upon ordering this six-piece knife set, it comes to you shipped in a neat box with all the knives neatly and safely covered.

The package includes a paring knife, a utility knife, and a chef’s knife.

You will also get herb shears along with a combination of honing steel and a bamboo block.

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Overview of the Features

The Shun Sora is a fantastic six-piece knife set ideal for those folks who have never owned a proper knife set before.

This knife set offers quite a bit, and each piece included in the set has features that might work best for your needs.

As such, let’s break them down more in detail below.

  • Handcrafted to Perfection

The company is dedicated to maintaining their ancient tradition of handcrafting each knife in their Seki City facilities.

Every single piece of the Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set takes about 100 individual steps to complete.

Taking advantage of premium and modern materials and state-of-the-art technology, they elevate this traditional quality of the knife for professional cooks and home chefs worldwide.

  • Knives 

As mentioned, three different knives come in this six-piece knife set.

The first one is the 3.5-inch paring knife that offers precision cuts and is ideal for slicing, peeling, mincing, seeding, coring, pitting, and more. 

The six-inch utility knife does a great job if you are looking for smaller cuts.

That said, it can also handle larger ingredients.

The knife is perfect for cutting everything right from meats to cheeses and even fruits.

Lastly, the eight-inch chef’s knife is the all-purpose knife in this lot. 

The knife is referred to as Gyuto in Japanese. It comes with a slightly curved blade and a tip with a gentle roll, which makes lifting the knife easier.

This makes working with it more effective and efficient.

  • Knives’ Blade

The blade in each knife included in the set goes through an intense heat treatment to ensure it is perfect.

By cooling and heating the metal, it changes its microstructure, and this brings out the best properties.

This process makes the blade finer-grained, which in turn makes it sharper, thinner, and gives it a longer edge.

  • Knives’ Handle

The handles incorporated in each knife and shears are made of textured TPE.

It ensures perfect balance, great grip, and easy maintenance.

The stainless steel Shuno logo has been engraved on the top end of the handles for added balance.

  • Other Pieces

In addition to the three knives, the other three of this six-piece knife set include nine-inch honing steel with smooth and micro-ribbed surfaces for daily and weekly honing.

There are herb shears that will strip the herbs with the utmost care and cut the stems with the built-in blade notch.

These shears are ergonomically designed, and both left- and right-handed individuals can handle them well.

Lastly, there is an 11-slot bamboo block where you can store all the pieces that come with this set.

How to Make the Most Out of the Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set

The Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set is ideal for people who have never owned a full knife set before since it comes with a knife block and herb shears.

If you are looking at how to make the most out of this knife set, we recommend checking out this video.

You will find all the necessary information about each type of knife and how you can use it to your advantage.


  • Beautifully handcrafted
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Comes with multiple, useful accessories
  • Heat-treated blade


  • Complaints of some manufacturing defects


Mosta Stainless Steel Knife Set

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Since the Shun Sora Knife Set comes with a couple of manufacturing defects, we found that the Mosta Stainless Steel Knife Set is a brilliant alternative.

It is a nine-piece knife set featuring all the knives you need for everyday use and those special occasions like Thanksgiving.

The blades are made from premium quality stainless steel, which offers increased efficiency and long-lasting sharpness.

The knife’s handle has an ergonomic design offering a more superior comfort along with a slip-resistant grip even if you use it with wet hands.

Is the Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set for You?

The Shun Sora Six-Piece Japanese Knife Set is a brilliant addition to any kitchen, regardless of whether you are a professional cook or an amateur one.

The knives are beautifully designed and well built to last a long time, and the bamboo block holds the knives, herb shears, and honing steel perfectly.

It is a purchase you certainly won’t regret making.