Best Ceramic Knife

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Having the best ceramic knife set in your kitchen will make cooking fun and easy. Ceramic blades are known to be sharper and lighter, which means a lesser strain on your hands.

We took it upon us to find five different types of ceramic knives and review each of them in detail. Additionally, we also provide you with a detailed buyer’s guide and a FAQ section which will ensure you are making the right decision. Let’s dive right in.

Best Ceramic Knife Reviews

Comparison Chart

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 4.5-inch Mini Santoku Knife, Black Handle, White Blade
31NmLSjo XL. SL500
WACOOL Ceramic Knife Set 3-Piece ( Includes 6-inch Chef’s Knife, 5-inch Utility Knife and 4-inch Fruit Paring Knife ), with 3 Knife Sheaths for Each Blade (Black Handle)
413DiRRZ25L. SL500
Kitchen Emperor Ceramic Chef Knife 8 inch,Professional Chef Knife with Safety Sheath,Antioxidant with Comfortable Ergonomic Handle
21gwSRuYZZL. SL500
Cuisinart C59CE-8SL Elements Ceramic Open Stock Slicing Knife, 8-Inch
21bayTlTtWL. SL500
Cuisinart C59CE-7BD Elements Ceramic Open Stock Bread Knife, 7-Inch

1. Kyocera Mini Santoku Knife: Best Ceramic Santoku Knife

Kyocera Corporation is a Japanese multinational ceramics and electronics manufacturer. The company was founded in 1959 by Kazuo Inamori and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

This knife is considered one of the most popular ceramic knives on the market both for home and professional use. It is well-known for how light it is, which, in turn, produces lesser fatigue when using it for longer periods.

Product Highlights

The Kyocera Mini Santoku Knife is an excellent 4.5-inch mini knife that will work well for home as well as professional cooks. The knife is also available in a three-inch and seven-inch size. Its zirconia Z206 blade is the company’s proprietary advanced ceramic formula that is made exclusively in Japan.

The ceramic material comes with highly dense sub-micron particles, which will leave minimal voids. This means that you get a denser, stronger blade that holds its edge much longer.

What we particularly liked about this knife is the fact that it is quite light. The company claims that their knife weighs roughly half the weight of similar kitchen knives from their competitors.

Since the blade is so lightweight, there isn’t any artificial weight added on to the handle, either. All this means is that there will be minimal resistance when you are using it. Also, you will require to put much lesser pressure than what you normally would have put.

If you are newly learning to cook and want an easy knife, then the Kyocera Mini Santoku Knife is what you need. You can be assured that this will not brown your food and is also resistant to acids. The knife is ideal for slicing fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats.

51yeyQDmR1L. SL500

What We Like About It

The thing we like about this knife the most is how lightweight it is. Kyocera has done a good job with that. You will not feel the pressure you would feel with other knives, and this means that you do not get tired as quickly.

What We Did Not Like About It

For people who like to take good care of their things, you will be disappointed to know that this does not come with a sheath. Also, while the knife is indeed sharp, it will require to be sharpened quite often.


  • Very lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Acid-resistant


  • Does not come with a sheath

2. Wacool Ceramic Knife Set: Best Ceramic Paring Knife

31NmLSjo XL. SL500

If you are looking for a ceramic paring knife that won’t break the bank, then the Wacool Ceramic Knife Set is what you need.

Along with the paring knife, this set also comes with a chef’s knife and a utility knife. These three knives from this brand make it worth every buck. Let us discuss some of its features in detail below.

Product Highlights

The Wacool Ceramic Knife Set is a decent set of knives at a great price point. Along with the four-inch paring knife, you will also get the six-inch chef’s knife and a five-inch utility knife. You can either choose between a black handle knife set or a multi-colored handle knife set, which includes colors like blue, green, and orange.

Since we are reviewing the paring knife, we will only talk about that in particular. This knife is ultra-sharp, which makes cutting through fruits and vegetables easier. The knife does not absorb any odors, oils, or salts, nor will it rust, thus making it last for a very long time. The knife is spectacularly light with a perfectly engineered balance and 15 times the edge retainment of steel.

The knife is made from a proprietary blend of the highest quality of zirconia and forged by utilizing state-of-the-art Cold Isostatic Pressing process before it is super-heated. This entire process makes the blade much harder, sharper, stronger, and lighter than its counterparts.

What’s also great about the knife is that each one of them comes with matching sheaths, which means that you can store your knife well and even travel with it.

41d4doyWETL. SL500

What We Like About It

The paring knife from the Wacool Ceramic Knife Set is simply fantastic, as it is forged by the Cold Isostatic Pressing process. We also liked the fact that we can choose between colorful knife handles or black ones. We also liked that the knives come with matching sheaths.

What We Did Not Like About It

While we do like that there are matching sheaths to each knife, this sheath is terribly designed. They have giant holes all over, and this can easily allow your finger to pass through.

You also have to be very careful while inserting the knife in the sheath, as it can move through the guard and cause injury.


  • Colorful handles
  • Comes in a set of three
  • Forged by Cold Isostatic Pressing process


  • Terribly designed sheath

3. Kitchen Emperor Ceramic Chef Knife: Best Long Knife

413DiRRZ25L. SL500

Every kitchen must possess a good chef’s knife. They are a go-to knife to cut most things, and if you need a budget-friendly one that is still durable and reliable, then the Kitchen Emperor Ceramic Chef Knife is the one for you.

Product Highlights

Measuring in at eight inches, the Kitchen Emperor Ceramic Chef Knife is a fantastic knife that comes with a ton of features. For starters, the ceramic knife is made by a high-end zirconium oxide, which will never rust, nor will it turn brown.

Furthermore, this material is considered to be the second hardest material in the world after diamonds. This means that you can use it to cut vegetables, fruits, or meat with minimum effort while keeping its sharpness intact for long.

The knife has an anti-slipping handle design, which makes it not only easier but also much safer when you are chopping or slicing any foods. We also liked that the handle is black in color, as it makes the knife look more elegant and high-end.

At less than five ounces, the Kitchen Emperor Ceramic Chef Knife is extremely light in weight compared to a steel knife. This ensures that you can use it for hours without feeling any fatigue or having to put additional pressure while you use it.

What We Like About it

This is a simple and elegant chef’s knife that performs very well. The knife is extremely light in weight and is also made using premium materials, which ensures that it will last a long time.

What we liked, in particular, is the fact that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back.

What We Did Not Like About it

The biggest downside to this knife is that it is not razor-sharp. That is one area of this knife where we would have loved to see some difference.


  • Lightweight
  • Made using premium materials
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not razor-sharp

4. Cuisinart Ceramic Slicing Knife: Best Slicing Knife

21gwSRuYZZL. SL500

Cuisinart is a classic American home appliance brand owned by Conair Corporation. The company was founded by Carl Sontheimer in 1971.

When it comes to any of this brand’s products, you can be certain that you are getting only the best from it, and this applies to the ceramic slicing knife too.

Product Highlights

The Cuisinart Ceramic Slicing Knife is an excellent knife from a reputable brand. This is a simple eight-inch ceramic slicing knife with an ergonomic handle that is designed to provide you with excellent strength and comfort.

The handle is a simple black in color, which makes it look elegant. The blade is made from a superior-quality break-resistant ceramic that will not brown over time or use, nor will it rust.

Furthermore, the blade is significantly stronger, sharper, and more durable than stainless steel. It is also capable of retaining its edge much longer than a traditional steel blade.

What We Like About it

The Cuisinart Ceramic Slicing Knife is a simple slicing knife that is very easy to use, as well. We like its ergonomic handle as it provides great comfort. Best of all, the company offers a limited five-year warranty on it, too.

What We Did Not Like About it

One of the biggest drawbacks of this knife is that it is capable of chipping or breaking if you drop it on hard surfaces. You will have to be careful while you use this knife.


  • Perfectly sized
  • Elegant looking
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • Can break or chip if dropped

5. Cuisinart Elements Ceramic Open Stock Bread Knife: Best Bread Knife

21bayTlTtWL. SL500

The last knife we will be reviewing is the Cuisinart Elements Ceramic Open Stock Bread Knife. Bread knives are known to be not the most attractive looking knife, but that is not the case with the Cuisinart knife.

Other than having some amazing features, the knife also looks fantastic. Let’s shed some light on its features.

Product Highlights

The Cuisinart Elements Ceramic Open Stock Bread Knife is made using high-quality material. The blade of this is made using zirconium oxide. This is a strong material that repels any staining and smell from occurring on the knife. It does not go brown either and maintains the freshness and nutrition of the food.

The blade is sharp and does not need much sharpening. Unlike most bread knives that tend to be very long, you have the option of various lengths with the Cuisinart Elements Ceramic Open Stock Bread Knives.

The knife features an anti-slip design, too. The ergonomically designed handles offer a great grip with good comfort and control while you use it.

What We Like About it

The Cuisinart Elements Ceramic Open Stock Bread Knife uses durable material in its construction, which means that the knife will last for years. 

What We Did Not Like About it

With this knife, the biggest downside is that it chips easily when dropped.


  • Attractive looking knife
  • Features an ergonomic handle design
  • Does not need to be sharpened often


  • May chip when dropped

Buyer’s Guide

Still not sure which ceramic knife to settle on? Well, don’t fret just yet, as we will also be providing you with a detailed buyer’s guide that will further help you make an informed decision.

1. Purpose

A ceramic knife is what you should get if you are looking for a sharper and more lightweight knife. It is a known fact that the materials that make a ceramic blade are extremely hard.

As a matter of fact, ceramic is considered to be the second hardest material after diamonds. This means that the blade will be razor-sharp and will not even wear out as easily. This also means that the knife does not rust at all, and since the material is not very porous, it keeps the blade from transferring odors from one ingredient to another.

These blades are very dense, which means that there are lesser grime and dirt that can get into the pores. Simply rinsing the knife in warm water will make it cleaner than a stainless-steel knife.

Another purpose of ceramic knives is if you are looking for a knife to use for hours, as the material of the blade is very light. Lighter weight means a lesser strain on your shoulders and arms.

2. Type of Ceramic Knife

  • Chef’s Knife: Ceramic chef’s knife is quite easy to use and is ideal for most operations. You can use this knife to chop, dice, mince, and slice vegetables, fruits, and meats.
  • Utility Knife: To make clean cuts, the utility knife is the way to go. These are also ideal for slicing, chopping, and peeling. The difference between this and a chef’s knife is that this knife has a slightly smaller blade size.
  • Paring Knife: Ceramic paring knives are great for peeling and deveining, as well as doing anything that does not involve cutting into bones. These blades are significantly smaller in size.
  • Santoku Knife: Ceramic Santoku knives are great for multiple uses. Its blade length is around five to six inches, and they are ideal for cutting fillets, steaks, fish, and so on.
  • Serrated Knife: Ceramic serrated knives are perfect for slicing through bread or for soft fruits and vegetables.

3. Type of Construction

  • Forged

Forged ceramic knives are made by molding individual units of the metal under extreme heat. These knives tend to be well balanced and are highly durable, too.

Additionally, it can hold its sharp edge very well. Forged knives are particularly known for their razor-sharp blade.

  • Stamped

Stamped ceramic knives are constructed using a flattened sheet of metal. The blade of a stamped knife isn’t capable of holding its sharp edge as well as a forged knife.

The blade, however, tends to be a bit lighter. This sort of knife is mostly used as a boning knife.

  • Tang

A ceramic knife can either have a full tang, partial tang, or a rat-tail tang. Tang means the metallic portion of the knife that extends into the handle.

A full tang is when the metal extends throughout the entire handle. A partial tang is when the metal portion of the knife only extends to the top of the handle. On the other hand, the rat-tail tang is when a thin tail of the metal is extended into the handle and gets fully covered by the handle.

It goes without saying that a full tang is the best one among all of them; it offers more stability and is much easier to control.

4. Blade Features

There are certain features of a ceramic blade that every good ceramic knife must possess.

  • The cutting edge of the blade should be capable of retaining its sharpness for a long time.
  • The blade has to be resistant to rust.
  • The blade should not react with any oils, salts, and fats.
  • The blade has to be resistant to any sort of bacterial growth.
  • With normal use, the blade must not chip or break easily.

Brands such as Kyocera, Cuisinart Elements, Colwin, Kitchen Emperor, Vos, and a couple of more are known to make some amazing ceramic knives.

5. Maintenance Needs

While ceramic knives are known to be razor-sharp, they are also very brittle in nature, and this means that the blade can either chip or break easily if it hasn’t been handled properly.

Always remember that you should not wash a ceramic knife in a dishwasher even if the manufacturer claims that it is fine. This is because the dishwasher can easily damage the blades. Try the following cleaning methods to maintain your ceramic knife properly.

  • Always clean your ceramic knife by using warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Alternatively, you can always use soda if you want to get rid of tougher stains on the blade.
  • After cleaning the knife thoroughly, make sure that you are drying the knife with a dry cloth or with a paper towel. Do not leave the knife in a pool of water overnight or alongside other wet utensils as that too can damage the blade.
  • Lastly, make sure that you are not making use of any abrasive products to clean the knife as that will damage its non-stick ability.

While the ceramic knife does not require much sharpening, when you need to do so, you can either visit a professional or make use of a diamond sharpener to sharpen the blade. Ensure that you are not using the knife to cut any bones or seeds.


1. Is a ceramic knife better than steel?

While it does come down to personal choice and preference, ceramic knives are indeed better than their steel counterparts. This is mainly because ceramic blades tend to be thinner and sharper. The knife is so sharp that it can cut through food like butter.

For vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, celery, parsley, and more that you cut on a regular basis, this knife will work wonders. Best of all, the knife does not go dull easily and requires to be sharpened only once in a blue moon.

2. What should you not cut with a ceramic knife?

You should avoid anything that involves the ceramic knife flexing and twisting as these motions will damage the knife. There are certain foods that you must never use a ceramic knife to cut with. These include:

  • Bones: Ceramic knives are not meant to cut through bones as that will affect its edge. Ceramic blades tend to be brittle, and with such twisting and side to side movements, it will damage the knife.
  • Frozen foods: Just like bones, frozen foods tend to be very hard, and using a ceramic knife to cut through them will damage the blade, causing it to chip.
  • Crushing: Do not use your ceramic knife on its side to crush ingredients such as spices, cloves, garlic, and so on as that can cause the blade to break.

3. Do ceramic knives get dull?

No, ceramic knives do not get dull or not as often. This is mainly because the material used to make the ceramic blade is considered to be extremely strong and hard. This makes the knife very sharp and does not let it lose its edge as often.

4. Do chefs use ceramic knives?

In a commercial kitchen, utensils tend to fall or be tossed around in the sink. While these blades are sharp, they are also brittle, and no chef wants to deal with a fragile knife in a commercial kitchen, which is why they do not use ceramic knives.

5. How do you care for a ceramic knife?

Caring for a ceramic knife is easy but is slightly different from caring for stainless steel knives. We recommend you refer to the maintenance needs section in the buyer’s guide to know exactly how to care for your ceramic knife.

Final Verdict

There you have it. These are the best ceramic knife sets on the market right now. We can say with certainty that you will not be dissatisfied using any one of them. Make sure that you refer to our buyer’s guide thoroughly, too, as that will help you make an informed decision on properly settling on one.