Best Meat Grinder for Deer: A Beginner’s Guide to Grinding Deer Meat

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In recent times, more and more people are into diet and healthy lifestyle.

Protein is part of a balanced meal, and one of the best sources of protein is meat, especially from deer.

Freshly ground venison has more flavor and texture, and you can process it at home if you have the best meat grinder for deer.

The good thing is you can skip the prepacked variety and opt for venison instead.

What Do You Grind Deer Meat With?

Having the best meat grinder for deer will give you plenty of benefits. You will find these machines in different shapes and sizes.

You just have to look for the type that will fit your needs and preferences, whether manual or electric.

Deer Meat Grinder Types

There are two major types of deer meat grinders available in the market: manual and electric.

Manual deer meat grinders don’t use electricity. They function through the user’s physical strength and energy.

Manual grinders are cheaper and suitable for hunters who want to grind the venison in small batches while still on the trip.

On the other hand, electric deer meat grinders need a power source to function. They tend to be larger and can accommodate a large amount of meat.

These electric machines can handle tougher cuts of meat than the manual variety. If you are after speed and accuracy, this option is for you.

It may be more expensive, but it can last longer and more practical to use.

Can You Freeze Deer Meat Before Grinding?

Grinding your deer meat at home is way better than bringing it to a processor. It’s more sanitary, and you have full control of the process.

You can, and you must process the meat as soon as possible, but you are not required to grind all of them simultaneously.

It is recommended that you put the meat in the freezer, especially the portions you intend for sausages and burgers.

You can divide and cube the tough cut meat into vacuum-sealed two-pound portions.

Lay them flat in the freezer and move them to the refrigerator the night before you intend to grind and cook them.

Temperature plays a crucial part in the grinding process. The meat must be very cold or half-frozen but not rock-solid frozen.

Additionally, you can freeze some parts of your grinder for 30 minutes before you start grinding.

Be prepared with a bowl placed in an ice bath to catch the ground meat to keep it chilled and prevent smearing.

best meat grinder for deer

How Do You Cook Deer Meat in a Grinder?

For most hunters, grinding deer meat is the best way to eat it. That’s primarily because there are no long hours of waiting just to make it tender.

Here are some tips on how to get the best ground deer meat:

Prepare the Meat for Grinding

First, you have to separate the meat from the bone. Use a sharp and stiff fillet or boning knife to get the best results.

Wearing cut-resistant gloves while doing so is also recommended to protect your hands.

Next, you have to remove the silver skin from the meat, especially the large areas, to prevent your ground meat from binding together.

Also, remove the fat from your deer meat. Most venison fat has an off taste and may leave a waxy texture on the palate.

Keep It Cold

As we have mentioned above, it is easier to grind half-frozen meat than fresh ones. Put the sliced meat in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before you start grinding.

You can also chill your grinder attachments for the same duration for better ground deer meat results.

Add Fat

Deer meat is extremely lean, so ground venison becomes crumbly, dry, and lacks flavor. Luckily, there’s a solution for that.

Some home cooks mix some fat while grinding the deer meat to add flavor and prevent it from drying.

Different cooks and hunters have various recommendations regarding what type of fat to add to their ground venison.

The usual part commonly used is the pork fatback, which is the white fat from the pig’s back.

This type of fat will not overpower the venison’s taste.

Others use the part from the pig’s shoulder, also known as pork’s butt, bacon ends, or beef fat.

The more you add, the juicier your ground venison will be.

Generally, when grinding deer meat for burgers, you only need to add 10 to 15 percent of fat. If you are making sausages, make it 20 percent or more.


Fit your grinder with the coarse grinding plate. Put the chilled deer meat and fat in the tray and start grinding the two ingredients together.

You can grind the meat twice or use the finer grinding plate, depending on your recipe or texture preference.

If you are making sausages, burgers, or meatballs and want to add seasoning, grind the meat the second time and put in your flavorings.

Your ground venison will bind better when you mix the spices on the second run.

If you want to create different flavors or follow various recipes, you can portion the first ground meat and grind it by batch mixed with additional seasoning.

Freshly Ground or Store Tightly

Grinding meat right before cooking is the best way to go to ensure getting all the flavors. You also eliminate the risk of bacteria from attaching and growing.

For those who opt to grind deer meat in large batches, it’s best to vacuum-seal them into portions for longer freezer life.

Best Meat Grinders for Venison

The most convenient way to make burgers or any other recipes that require ground meat is to buy the prepacked ones.

However, you are not sure of the ingredients added to the store-bought ground meat and how long it has been frozen.

If you have one of the best meat grinders for venison in your kitchen, you can decide what kind of meat to grind.

You can even choose your ground meat texture and what seasonings and spices to add to it according to your taste preferences.

The best meat grinder for deer will always depend on the user. Whether you choose a manual or an electric grinder, look for efficiency and functionality.