Best Microplane of 2024: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Some of us must have been confused upon seeing an instruction from a recipe asking for fresh lemon zest.

If you are not familiar with cooking and kitchen utensils, surely you will not understand how to produce the zest.

New home cooks will often ignore the part of the recipe asking for lemon zest, affecting their dish’s taste.

We are all familiar with a grater and a zester. What about a Microplane?

We will talk about five of the best Microplane zester-grater in the market today.

Best Microplane Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater — Parmesan Cheese Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Chocolate, Vegetables, Fruits – Razor-Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Wide, Dishwasher Safe
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Updated 2021 Version Zester Grater – Parmesan Cheese, Lemon, Chocolate, Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Vegetables, Fruits – Soft Touch Handle – Dishwasher Safe, Blue
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Microplane Premium Classic Zester (Bubblegum Pink)
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Lemon Zester, Cheese Grater, Parmesan Cheese, Ginger, Garlic, Chocolate, With Razor-Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Protective Cover and Cleaning brush, Dishwasher Safe, by NSpring (narrowzester)
41HHLMUzozL. SL500
Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater | Ergonomic Non-Slip Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Antibacterial Cover, Lemon Zester Tool | Handheld Rasp for Ginger, Garlic, Vegetables | SAVE A LIFE!

1. Deiss PRO Zester and Grater

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If you are looking for an easy way to add zest or grated cheese to your dish, you can never go wrong with this tool from Deiss PRO.

Product Highlights

Deiss’ professional zester and grater come with razor-sharp blades made from high-quality and rust-resistant stainless steel material.

Its blade surface measures 3.82 centimeters wide by 20.5 centimeters long, allowing you to grate faster while protecting your fingers from its teeth.

Its soft and ergonomic non-slip handle provides a good grip, making it comfortable to hold.

The Deiss PRO Zester and Grater’s curved sides provide rigidity that allows you to put in enough force when needed.

The hard-steel frame ensures that it will not easily bend from pressure.

It also comes with a snap-fit blade cover, ensuring that your fingers are safe from getting cut.

Its rubber foot ensures that it will not slip and scrape the surface as you place it on the table as you grate or zest your ingredients.

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What We Like

We love that the Microplane tool’s sharp teeth will allow you to get the zest without the bitter pith, adding fresh flavors to your dish.

It is also a space-saving kitchen gadget that can handle many tasks, making food preparation more enjoyable.

The blade’s width also lets you see the zested part of the fruit quickly, eliminating the risk of going over the same side twice.

It also produces a more delicate zest than the larger ones you create from ordinary graters, making it easier to mix it into the dish.

The overall size of the Deiss zester-grater makes it easy to use and fix the grated ingredients into the bowl or a dish.

What We Don’t Like

We don’t like that the tool’s sharp blade perforations are raised too high, making it easy to scrape your fingers and get cut.

A few customers said that the blade part gets detached from the frame after several uses.


  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Rust-resistant
  • Good grip
  • Solid construction


  • Too prominent blades
  • Pith comes along with the zest

2. JOFUYU Zester and Grater

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JOFUYU creates some of the best kitchen tools around, including this practical lemon zester and grater in one, promising a product that you can use for a long time.

Product Highlights

This lemon zester and grater comes with evenly distributed razor-sharp square blades made from premium-quality, rust-resistant 304 stainless steel.

Its photochemically etched grating surface measures ten and a half-inch long and does not clog up the ingredients.

The efficiently-honed edges of this zester and grater produce more zest without the need to put in a lot of pressure while grating.

Its non-slip silicone handle measures 5.3 inches long, providing you with a comfortable and effortless grating experience.

The handle’s design and material allow you to hold it even with wet hands.

It also comes with a hole for hanging, saving you some valuable space in the kitchen.

Found at the kitchen tool’s bottom is an anti-slip rubber mat providing stable support as you zest or grate.

Cleaning is also effortless since you can clean it by hand using the included cleaning brush or put it in the dishwasher.

After drying, you simply cover it with the plastic protective sheath that is also part of the package.

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What We Like

The appealing look of the JOFUYU Zester and Grater is perfect with its functional effectiveness.

Most customers also attest to its sharpness and versatility.

Its non-slip handle partnered with the anti-slip rubber mat provides stability as you grate your ingredients.

The tool’s overall length makes it perfect for varying grating tasks for all kinds of food preparations.

The cleaning brush and snap-on protective cover that comes with the purchase are great inclusions for keeping it clean and safe.

This sturdy but lightweight kitchen tool produces perfect fine shavings of different ingredients for any dish.

What We Don’t Like

The tool’s length isn’t for everyone; it might be too long for some people’s taste.

The same goes with its slim design.


  • Versatile
  • Non-slip
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust-resistant


  • Long for a zester

3. Microplane Premium Classic Zester

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The brand that started it all, the Microplane premium classic zester, is one of the experts in getting fresh flavors from your ingredients.

Product Highlight

The blades’ specific teeth design allows you to take all the flavorful rind effortlessly, leaving off the bitter pith.

It is a versatile kitchen gadget with endless possibilities that lets you use it in various kitchen tasks like cooking and baking.

The surgical-grade stainless steel blades made with photo-etched technology provide more refined point edges for more delicate rinds and shavings.

Its rust-resistant edges stay sharp for an extended period, allowing you to use it for a long time.

Storage is also easy since the blades are magnetic, making it easy to attach to your magnetic kitchen strip.

The end tabs design ensures that your kitchen countertop is well-protected from any scratches.

After each use, cleaning the zester is the best way to ensure that all food residues are removed from its hard-to-reach areas.

It has a soft-touch handle that provides a comfortable grip and comes in different colors to match your kitchen theme easily.

What We Like

The Microplane Premium Classic Zester’s sharp blades will not rip or tear the citrus’ skin, providing fresh flavor and aroma to your dishes.

You don’t need to exert a lot of pressure to extract the flavors, resulting in a more efficient task in less time.

The kitchen tool also comes with a reusable clear protective cover made from hard plastic material to keep it clean and safe when not in use.

This well-made kitchen tool is also dishwasher safe, which adds to its convenience and ease of cleaning.

Many users vouch for the smooth and effortless grating experience as the tool produces a sufficient amount of zest for their cooking needs.

What We Don’t Like

Some users say that the teeth design is too small, claiming that it can only take out the skin without producing shreds.

Others argue that the blades get dull after several uses requiring extra effort to grate something.


  • Sharp
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sturdy cover
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple colored handle options


  • Flimsy material
  • Too fine teeth

4. Nspring Narrowzester and Grater

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The new brand Nspring, founded by a group of young individuals who love nature and freedom, thought of creating easy-to-use practical products.

Product Highlights

Cleaning the zester is effortless since you only need to put it under running water to remove the leftover ingredients.

This also allows you to wash it in the dishwasher, making it more convenient for those who don’t like to wash it by hand.

The handle has a silicone non-slip material to ensure its safety while grating. It also comes with a hole for easy hanging when not in use.

It has a razor-sharp blade made from a food-grade rust-resistant stainless steel material that will not get dull for a long time.

The sturdy protective cover is easy to put on and off, keeping it safe and clean when not in use.

It also comes with a cleaning brush for easy removal of any food residue.

This versatile kitchen helper comes with a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with their product.

51aKfjc8XwL. SL500

What We Like

Users say that the Nspring Narrowzester and Grater looks well-made and comes with very sharp blades, allowing them to zest citrus and grate hard cheese with ease.

We also love the usefulness of the cleaning brush and protective sheath that come with the purchase.

The handle’s vivid color is also worth mentioning since it makes it easier to locate the gadget from other kitchen tools.

Hidden conspicuously at the end of the grater are two tiny silicone feet, preventing it from slipping and scratching the countertops.

What We Don’t Like

Some customers claim that the zester’s jagged edges are raised too high and far from the plane, cutting deep into the citrus.


  • Affordable
  • Sharp
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Effective


  • Bulky handle
  • Breaks easy

5. Integrity Chef PRO Zester and Grater

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This kitchen gadget from Integrity Chef is perfect for passionate home cooks, promising to perform well for a long time.

With this tool, you can always prepare food with confidence.

Product Highlights

The all-purpose tool has an ergonomic design made from premium-quality materials.

It’s a comfortable tool that promotes joint protection by relieving hand stress.

Its razor-sharp blade comes from a high-quality stainless steel material that will not rust.

The tool also comes with an antibacterial protective sheath for safety when not in use.

The reinforced heavy-duty handle is designed to minimize discomfort, making it easy to use even for long periods.

It’s a beautifully-designed zester-grater that is easy to clean either by hand or dishwasher.

The hole on the handle allows you to hang it for storage.

The company also has a partnership with World Concern, an organization aiming to cure children from third-world countries from contaminated water.

Part of the proceeds for each Integrity Chef product help one child of getting healed from waterborne diseases.

This family-owned business offers a lifetime warranty and 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product.

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What We Like

The zester-grater works efficiently and effectively, giving you more time to do other things around the kitchen.

Its razor-sharp blades do an excellent job in providing lots of zest without requiring too much effort.

This sturdy kitchen tool comes with an easy-to-hold handle, providing you with a good grip with less hand strain.

You also don’t have to worry about safety because the antibacterial cover will ensure that you will not hurt yourself.

There’s no need to bring out your bulky food processor to work on your hard cheeses, as this grater will do just fine.

What We Don’t Like

Some users have a challenging experience getting the zest out of the hard-to-reach areas of the graters.

Others don’t like the grater’s long and narrow design saying that it may not withstand pressure and grating resistance.


  • Versatile
  • Sharp
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Functional


  • High teeth setting
  • Dulls easy

Best Microplane Buyer’s Guide

Zesting citrus is one food preparation step that most new home cooks skip in a recipe.

It’s not because they don’t know how to produce it but because they don’t have the right tool.

Producing finely-grated cheese can be a challenge at times if you only have the standard box grater.

Having a Microplane zester-grater in your arsenal ensures that you can do more than just zest citrus and grate a block of cheese.

Before you go ahead and buy one, you might want to check some of the qualities you need to consider in a Microplane. 

1. Durability

In anything that we buy, we always want something that we can use for a long time; hence, durability is vital.

Look for a well-made Microplane or micro-grater using premium quality materials that can withstand constant zesting and grating pressure.

A durable zester-grater with solid construction ensures longevity and reliability in its performance.

2. Handle

Look for a handle with the right length, so it is comfortable to hold and control as you grate your ingredients.

It is also an excellent idea to find one with a non-slip handle for added security and an ergonomic design that can minimize hand strain for extended use.

3. Sharpness

The blade’s sharpness will prove its effectiveness in zesting citrus and grating a block of cheese.

Ensure that its edges’ sharpness will stay for a long time and not just when it is brand new, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

A sharp kitchen tool will not require you to exert extra effort for it to function correctly.

4. Size

Microplane zesters-graters come in short and long varieties. Some home cooks may have a storage issue; hence, choosing the right size is crucial.

Choose an appropriate model suited to your storage space.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Another factor worth considering is the zester’s cleaning method. You don’t want to spend half of your food preparation time cleaning.

Look for a dishwasher-safe model. You can also choose one that is easy to handwash without complicated care and maintenance instructions.

FAQs About Microplane

1. What is a Microplane zester and grater?

Not everybody knows about Microplane zester and grater. If you are one of those who have not heard of this amazing kitchen gadget yet, now is the right time to pick one.

It’s a sleek multifunctional kitchen tool with a compact design, offering numerous practical uses around the kitchen.

The Microplane zester and grater concept came about after a Canadian housewife borrowed her husband’s woodworking tool and used it in one of her food preparation tasks.

A Microplane, also known as a mini-grater or a rasp grater, displays a rod with photo-etched surgical-grade stainless steel creating razor-sharp edges.

These rust-resistant edges are the ones that do the job in zesting or grating your ingredients. It’s typically attached to an ergonomic handle for better control.

You just need to slide your ingredient back and forth on the plane with the sharp edges to shave off little bits from the food.

2. What is the difference between a grater and a zester?

We have said that a Microplane is both a zester and a mini-grater. How do these two kitchen gadgets differ from one another?

Graters and zesters are kitchen tools used to add flavor to your dishes.

Most of the time, home cooks are more familiar with graters, using them more often than zesters.

The most noticeable difference between these two kitchen tools is their hole sizes. Graters have larger holes, whereas zesters have the opposite.

You use a grater to shred cheese, citrus peels, fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

The large holes on the grater can make a deeper cut into your ingredients, adding more flavor to your meals.

Zesters are not as rough as graters due to their smaller holes. They typically get bits of shavings from your ingredients.

Technically, a zester functions similarly to a grater but on a more moderate level. Instead of shreds, it will produce ribbon-like results.

3. What are the typical uses of a Microplane zester-grater?

A Microplane zester-grater is one of the most versatile kitchen tools you can have.

There are endless possibilities of what this kitchen gadget does. Here are some of the common uses:

  • Zest Citrus

Zesting citrus fruits is the most famous function of a Microplane, providing you with more delicate shreds of the fruits’ skin.

  • Grate Cheese

If a recipe calls for finely-grated cheese, a Microplane is the best tool to use, especially for hard cheese. You can also grate butter to soften it faster.

  • Shaving or Grating Chocolate

A Microplane is the perfect kitchen gadget for garnishing your pastries and other baked goods with chocolate shavings or gratings. You can also use this for scraping-off charred cookies.

  • Fresh Shredding 

This kitchen tool can also get fresh shreddings of other ingredients like different nuts and coconuts.

  • Herbs and Spices Shavings

Most cooks choose to add fresh ingredients, especially herbs and spices, to their recipes instead of the grocery’s prepacked ones.

Fresh ingredients add more flavor to any recipe. Just use a Microplane instead of mincing garlic and other spices.

4. How to effectively clean a Microplane?

Most Microplane descriptions you will find in the market would say that cleaning this kitchen tool is simple and easy.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of a Microplane, but the ease of cleaning is another matter.

It’s especially true for those who don’t use a dishwasher. Sometimes, you will find dried leftover food in the Microplane’s hard-to-reach corners, particularly the teeth’s small holes.

One of the best ways to clean your Microplane is to wash it immediately after each use since it can quickly wash out all leftover food particles.

For dried food particles, scrubbing your Microplane with abrasive cleaning materials may remove some of the debris but may also dull the edges of the grater.

The best way to clean dried food particles from your grater is to soak the device in hot water for five to ten minutes to soften them.

5. How to keep the sharpness of your Microplane?

The protruding teeth on rasp-style graters make them useful; hence, they need to stay sharp at all times.

Proper storage plays a big part in keeping the sharpness of this device.

You have to ensure that the teeth stick out as they are instrumental to its function.

That is the purpose of the protective covers included in most packages.

How you use the Microplane can also affect the teeth of your gadget.

You don’t have to exert too much effort when zesting or grating to prevent flattening the edges.

Although most Microplane descriptions say that they are dishwasher safe, hand washing this kitchen tool is still the best option to maintain its sharpness.

Final Verdict

After all the information you have read about rasp-style graters, we hope you are now considering buying one for your kitchen.

We know that you will be overwhelmed with all the available choices in the market; thus, we made this list and taper it down to five of the best Microplane tools around.

The updated 2020 version of the JOFUYU zester and grater is an excellent choice from these five options.

It has a sleek and clean look that matches its effectiveness in the kitchen.

The evenly-distributed stainless steel blades produce a consistent result every time you grate.

You can partner it with one of the best paring knives around, and you will indeed create flavorful and presentable dishes.