JOFUYU Zester and Grater Review

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If you have ever tried your cooking and baking abilities lately, there’s a possibility that you have encountered the lemon zest ingredient in one of the recipes.

Different citrus fruits have always been part of various recipes for that extra punch of flavor and aroma.

It’s a challenge to look for fresh ingredients, but it’s more challenging to get the zest if you don’t have the right tools in your arsenal.

The updated JOFUYU Zester and Grater claims to be one of the best, so let’s check the unique features of this micro-grater.

JOFUYU Zester and Grater 2021 Version

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This practical kitchen tool first came out in the market in August 2019.

The 2021 version features a longer and broader working surface compared to its initial model.

Who Is This Product For?

Having a good micro-grater in your kitchen gives you the freedom to experiment with different recipes.

It is perfect for grating and zesting small batches of ingredients in no time with even consistency.

You will be amazed by this product’s endless uses since you can grate almost anything for that extra flavor and aroma to your meals.

It does not take up as much space as a box grater or a food processor.

Cleaning is also quicker with this rasp-style grater.

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What’s Included?

If you decide to buy this product from JOFUYU, you will receive the updated 2021 version.

It includes a cleaning brush for removing food particles left from your ingredients.

It also comes with a sturdy protective cover for keeping it safe and clean.

Overview of Features

The 2021 JOFUYU Zester and Grater features razor-sharp blades made from food-grade 304 stainless steel with excellent rust-resistant and anti-bluntness properties.

The photochemically etched square blade design is evenly distributed on the 10.5 inches sturdy plane, preventing clogging up of grated or zested ingredients.

It comes with a comfortable, non-slip silicone handle, making it easy to hold and control while grating even with wet or oily hands.

There’s a hole on the handle you can use to hang this kitchen tool to save drawer space.

It also helps protect the edges from getting smashed with other utensils.

The anti-skid rubber foot ensures that it remains stable for added safety while preventing countertop scratches.

This versatile kitchenware lets you grate various ingredients for your dishes, baked goods, kid’s meals, and healthy drinks.

Cleaning is never a problem, either since this kitchen device can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

You can use the cleaning brush to remove the leftover food particles before cleaning it thoroughly.

Then, cover the kitchen tool with the protective sheath after wiping it dry to protect your hands from the edges when not in use.

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How to Get the Most Out of It

If you are a beginner in using a Microplane, you might think you can only use it to zest citrus fruits and grate hard cheese.

Well, you are mistaken. This handy, practical tool is more than a lemon zester or a cheese grater.

It’s also easy to use. You simply need to get a firm grip on the handle before sliding the food back and forth against the blade and produce delicate and consistent shreds.

Here are other ways on how to maximize this fantastic kitchen tool:

  • Shave Chocolate

Enhance the appeal of your baked goods with chocolate shavings or dustings.

It will also add a hint of chocolate to every bite.

  • Zest Citrus Fruits

The most popular function of a Microplane is getting the zest out of citrus fruits.

It creates delicate shreds of the peel, adding aroma and flavor to your meals.

  • Remove Burnt Parts of Baked Goods

Don’t throw the burnt goodies right away. Gently scrape the burnt parts using your handy Microplane.

  • Mince Garlic and Ginger

Mincing your spices have never been easy by using your Microplane.

Grated ginger and garlic blend better into your dishes.

  • Grate Cheese Directly on Your Dish

Pasta dishes are not complete without the generous sprinkling of grated cheese.

Rub a block of cheese on your grater atop the meal and get your grated cheese servings.

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  • Sleek
  • Good grip
  • Sharp
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile


  • Lengthy


Some users have complained about the 2021 JOFUYU Zester and Grater’s extended length.

For this reason, we searched for an alternative zester grater that has a shorter length.

Raniaco Zester-Grater

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The Raniaco kitchen tool features a modern ergonomic design with a non-slip silicone handle providing firm grip and control.

It also comes with non-slip silicone rubber feet, keeping it stable while you grate.

The food-grade high-quality stainless steel blade comes with anti-blunt properties, ensuring that you can use it for a long time.

These razor-sharp edges are made using the brand’s exclusive etching technology, offering excellent grating and zesting performance.

The sturdy plastic material encasing the stainless steel blade is an added feature, ensuring that both the tool and your fingers are protected.

Another upgrade is the plastic sheath designed to cover the blades.

It also serves as a catch-all container when reversed for capturing the grated or zested ingredient.

Its compact size easily fits inside your cutlery drawer, or you can choose to hang it instead using the hole on its handle.

However, the blades are not razor-sharp, requiring them to push the ingredients harder when zesting.

The zest also tends to get stuck into the sides’ deep crevices, giving you a hard time to collect it.


The Raniaco Zester-Grater is an affordable kitchen tool with just the right length for all your grating and zesting needs.

However, there were issues about its blades’ sharpness, making it challenging to gather zest unless you exert extra effort when zesting.

The only complaint about the JOFUYU zester is its extended length, but everybody is satisfied with its effectiveness.

Spending a few extra dollars for our featured product ensures that you receive one of the best zesters or graters in the market today.

The included cleaning brush and protective cover are useful accessories that add to the product’s value.

You can partner this tool with the TUO cutlery fiery series utility knife to ensure an excellent kitchen combination for all your food preparation.