How to Use a Microplane: A Beginner’s Guide

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A Microplane grater-zester is an affordable invention, instrumental to the enhancement of your regular meals.

Even celebrity chefs are impressed with the functionalities of such a simple kitchen gadget.

How to use a Microplane zester-graterThis space-saving kitchen tool easily fits your cutlery drawer but can perform various tasks intended for stand-alone gadgets.

You can be sure that this easy-to-clean workhorse will do wonders in the kitchen.

How to Use a Microplane

A rasp-style grater is one of the most straightforward kitchen gadgets you can find in the market today.

All you need to do is slide your ingredient back and forth on the razor-sharp teeth of the Microplane and watch how the shredded parts fall from your grater.

Here are some of the ways to use a Microplane zester-grater to ease your food prepping tasks:

1. Zest Citrus Fruits

Let your box grater rest in the cupboard and grab a Microplane instead.

This easy to clean kitchen tool gives you more control, allowing you to get more zest without the pith.

2. Mince Garlic

If you don’t have a garlic press or opt not to use it, you can always mince garlic using your micro-grater.

You can even save chopping time by directly grating your garlic into what you are cooking and get a fresher flavor.

3. Shred Cheese

Create pillowy lumps of Parmesan and other types of cheese in no time.

You can choose to collect your shredded cheese in a bowl or shred it directly on your pasta meal.

4. Grind Spices

It is best to grind your spices right before eating or consuming your drink.

Since you only need a small amount of spice to add that extra punch, your handy micro-grater can do the job right.

5. Shave Chocolate

Chocolate shavings can do a lot to enhance your drinks and desserts, both taste and presentation-wise.

6. Soften Butter

If your butter is still frozen cold from the refrigerator and you need a softened one right away, grate the butter using the handy kitchen tool.

7. Shred Chilis and Peppers

You can add a little heat to your dishes by shredding chilis and peppers with your micro-grater and mix them in your meal.

8. Shred Potatoes

Shredding potatoes for your hashbrown recipe has never been easy using your handy kitchen tool.

9. Fix Charred Baked Goods

If you overcooked your muffins and cookies, you could still save them from getting wasted by shaving off the burned parts using the razor-sharp teeth of the micro-grater.

10. Grate Fresh Ginger

Plenty of home cooks like freezing their extra supply of ginger for future use.

They take out some of the frozen ginger and grate it with the micro-grater and add it to their food or drink.

11. Grate Nuts

Replace chunky chopped nuts with snow-like grated portions for your sweet and savory dishes.

12. Grate Lemongrass

Grated lemongrass gives the perfect texture and flavor for your meat rub and other dishes.

Chopping this herb ingredient produces intense and overbearing citrus flavors.

how to use a microplane

How to Clean Your Microplane

So, now that we have learned about this handy kitchen gadget’s many uses, how can we keep it clean and remove all the food residues?

There are tons of tiny holes on the steel plate and plenty of protruding sharp edges that can cut your fingers if you are not careful.

There are only a few notes to keep in mind to take care of this practical kitchen tool.

Don’t let the food dry and harden on the micro-grater, making it more difficult to remove.

Most product descriptions say that it is dishwasher safe. However, constant dishwashing can damage its rust-resistant properties.

Instead of tossing it into the dishwasher, it is better to soak the filthy micro-grater in hot or warm water for five to ten minutes before wiping it with a soapy sponge.

Let the kitchen tool air dry. Once completely dry, cover it with a protective sheath to maintain its sharpness and protect your fingers from accidental slicing.

Is a Microplane the Same as a Grater?

After learning the numerous ways on how to use a Microplane tool, you may be wondering if it is more of a grater or a zester.

Technically, a Microplane is also a grater, and more, but on a smaller scale. It has a sleek and compact design compared to box graters.

A rasp-style grater produces more consistent and delicate results than the standard box-type version.

On the other hand, a box grater features four sides, each having a different grating surface intended for its specific purpose.

Do I Need a Microplane?

You may not realize it yet, but yes, you do need at least two Microplane tools as part of your indispensable kitchen arsenal.

This affordable kitchen gadget comes in different styles, shapes, and sizes with varying hole diameters. You will be amazed by the different ways to use a Microplane.

If you plan to buy your first Microplane, choose the fine-tooth model for starters. It is perfect for grating spices and shredding soft cheese.

Zesting all types of citrus fruits is effortless, making sure that the bitter pith is left behind. It can even mince garlic and ginger without chopping them.

What Does Microplane Mean?

Microplane is a certified trademark of Grace Manufacturing, Inc., a company that developed the rasp-style micro-grater that we use now.

The company is known for creating photo-etched steel tools intended for sanding, grinding, and grating.

Initially, the Microplane grater is invented as a woodworking tool and became a culinary gadget by accident.

Using a Microplane Zester Effectively and Maximally

Now that you know how to use a Microplane zester, you can start adding zest to your dishes from now on.

Enhance your drinks and desserts’ look and flavor by grating and shaving chocolate and spices on top of them.

As easy as it is to use this tool, don’t forget to be cautious when using one to prevent any mishaps.

Remember that you cannot grate every last bit of your ingredient, so you should know when to stop grating to prevent slicing your finger.

Wear one of the best cut-resistant gloves for added protection.