Calphalon 20-Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set Review

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Quick Overview



  • German steel blade
  • SharpIN technology
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Wide variety of knives
  • Beautiful construction and finish of the block
  • Labeled handles


  • Quite expensive
  • Not dishwasher-safe

When it comes to cutlery and homeware, Calphalon is an instantly recognizable name.

The American company specializes in high-quality cookware that combines utility and sophistication.

This Calphalon Self Sharpening Knife Set review will tell if the product in question justifies the brand’s reputation.

We will also talk about the make of the knives, as well as the uses.

A self-sharpening knife set can eliminate the need to sharpen knives manually, which is a task quite a few people don’t like.

This Calphalon Contemporary 20-Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set is one of the best-selling sets in the market.

Calphalon 20-Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set

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This Calphalon 20-Piece Set is a complete knife solution with the most commonly used knives included.

It’s a self-sharpening knife set, which means the knives don’t require manual sharpening.

It is achieved through built-in ceramic sharpeners inside the slots for knives.

Every time the knife’s edge slides over them, it gets sharpened.

This particular model also comes in 14 and 15 pieces configurations and hasn’t seen any upgrades for a while.

Who Is This Product For?

As a large knife set, it’s suitable for someone who cooks frequently and requires lots of different kinds of knives.

It’s also ideal for a professional kitchen, where using the right knife for the right operation is necessary.

Since these knives are labeled, this set may also prove helpful for a newbie in the kitchen.

With 20 pieces, it’s an extensive set that perhaps can work for a huge household, having a big kitchen with generous counter space.

This set may not be ideal for a small kitchen or a nuclear family that doesn’t really need that many knives in the first place.

What’s Included?

The Calphalon Contemporary 20-Piece Self Sharpening knife set includes two Santoku knives, five and seven inches, eight steak knives, a pair of kitchen shears, a storage block with sharpeners, and one each of a:

  • 4.5-inch Paring Knife
  • Six-inch Utility Knife
  • Eight-inch Chef’s Knife
  • Eight-inch Bread Knife
  • 5.5-inch Bagel Knife
  • Eight-inch Slicer
  • Six-inch Fork

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Overview of Features

Let’s take a detailed look at the features of this Calphalon Contemporary Knife Set.

  • Block

The block has SharpIN technology, which is basically built-in ceramic sharpeners inside the slots.

It basically sharpens the knife’s straight-edged blade every time you insert it in or draw it out of the slot.

The storage block is made of wood with a beautiful walnut finish.

On top, where the slots are, there’s a metallic sheet to increase durability further. 

Also, there are two extra slots to store and sharpen other knives in your kitchen. However, only a few might fit in.

  • Knives

Using high-carbon German stainless steel, they’ve made sure the blades are of high quality.

Only the steak knives are made of stamped Asian steel.

In terms of sharpness, the blades are pretty sharp and don’t lose the sharpness even with usage.

These knives also have full-length bolsters and tang, also made with the same steel.

The handles are made of poly-resin, which is lightweight and soft.

They also have an ergonomic design with contours.

As a result, the knives have a strong yet comfortable grip that doesn’t leave your wrist strained even after hours of use.

The full tang construction also gives the knives a good balance.

All the knives have labels. The blades have the names under the Calphalon brand stamp.

Also, the metallic caps on the handles have the names of the knives for easy identification.

  • Usability

Since the set contains many knives, it covers most of the knife needs in the kitchen.

Whether you need to peel vegetables or slice freshly baked bread, you have everything in the set.

The eight steak knives can come in handy when you’re hosting, and steaks are on the menu.

How To Use Some of the Knives

Every chef knows that using the right technique with a knife is the key to getting the best out of it.

Knowing how to use the knives is very important since there are so many knives in this Calphalon set.

The labeling makes it even easier for those new to cooking.

That said, here’s a helpful tutorial for using the eight-inch chef’s knife and utility knife in the set.

These knives are the ones you’ll use the most.


The Calphalon 20-Piece Self Sharpening Set is a big and expensive one, so it’s not the first choice for many buyers.

A suitable alternative is Henckel’s 15-Piece Self Sharpening Set.

Henckel’s 15-Piece Self-Sharpening Set

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This Henckel’s 15-Piece Knife Set with sharpeners is slightly more affordable than Calphalon’s set.

Also, if you want something smaller, it does come in a seven-piece set.

The knives’ blades in this set are also made of German steel, which isn’t surprising as Henckel is a German brand. 

The set includes the following knives:

  • 5.5-inch Prep Knife
  • Four-inch Paring Knife
  • Seven-inch Hollow Edge Santoku Knife
  • Five-inch Serrated Utility Knife
  • Eight-inch Chef’s Knife
  • Four Pieces Steak Knives

Each knife has a slightly contoured handle, secured by three rivets.

Thus, the knives are a little more traditional-looking.

The block is made of ashwood, and a brushed stainless steel cap secures the top.

The slots have markings, and the set is also clearly labeled.

All-in-all, it’s a great self-sharpening set that delivers performance, comfort, and a sharp edge every time.


Now that you have read the Calphalon 20-Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set review, you’re in a better position to decide whether or not it’s ideal for your kitchen.

If you use knives every day, it may make sense to get a self-sharpening set like this one, so you don’t have to sharpen them frequently.

Ensure that you never throw any of the knives in the dishwasher, as that could damage them.

It’s best to wash the knives with warm water and a little bit of soap and dry them out completely before putting them in the storage block.