Dalstrong Butcher-Breaking Cimitar Knife Review

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If you are someone who is a professional chef or actively cooking in the kitchen, you very well know how important using the right knife is for the right task.

Take cutting meat, for example.

While you can use any regular knife to cut meat, you’d need to put too much effort into doing so.

At the same time, you end up with an uneven cut of meat, too.

Hence, to avoid that, you need the perfect knife, which is exactly what the Dalstrong Butcher-Breaking Cimitar Knife (Shogun Series) is.

Dalstrong Butcher-Breaking Cimitar Knife (Shogun Series)

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Dalstrong is a fairly new company but has made a splash in the culinary industry in a very short time.

It offers some of the best kitchen knives in the market.

This is because they come with several high-end features you would typically only find in knives from highly trusted brands.

What’s also great about Dalstrong is that it provides great value for your dollar, thanks to the fact that its knives are worth every penny you spend on it.

Additionally, Dalstrong has an excellent customer care service, which ensures each customer’s satisfaction.

It has divided its wide range of knives in different series, and the one we are reviewing today is part of the Shogun Series.

Shogun Series

The knives from this series are professional-grade Japanese-style knives.

Its core is made from AUS10V Japanese Super Steel, and this is then wrapped with 67 layers of Damascus steel.

This creates a gorgeous Tsunami Rose pattern on its blade.

The blade is also cooled in liquid nitrogen to further enhance its precision and hardness.

This process makes the blade incredibly hard and gives it excellent edge retention.

The blade is sharpened at Dalstrong’s factory following the ancient three-step Honbazuke method.

As such, these knives are easily meant to last for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

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Who Is This Knife For?

The Dalstrong Butcher-Breaking Cimitar Knife is for anyone who regularly cuts raw or cooked meat.

If you’re after that perfect cut of meat, you can achieve that and more using this knife but without putting unnecessary effort.

This knife is also ideal for those people who are looking to carve, mince, or slice meat.

While it may be a bit pricey, you can be assured that you are investing in this knife for a lifetime.

This is because it is made using only premium materials.

Indeed, this knife would be an awesome addition to any kitchen, regardless of whether you are a professional chef or an amateur cook.

What’s Included?

This knife comes in beautiful packaging.

The box houses the knife itself, which is protected in a sheath.

It also comes with a cleaning cloth.

Overview of the Features

It’s clear so far that this is a premium knife with some amazing and interesting features.

If you’re still unsure whether this is the knife for you, though, continue reading on to learn more about it.

  • Softer Blade

This Dalstrong Butcher Knife has a Rockwell Hardness scale rating of 56.

While this is slightly lower than kitchen knives, this softer blade does come with its own perks.

For one, it is less brittle in comparison to an edge that is harder.

The knife makes use of German ThyssenKrupp high-carbon stainless steel.

This material is known to be tough and also resistant to any formation of micro-cracks.

This, along with the low Rockwell Hardness, is great when you have to chop tough foods, like squash or bone.

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  • Pakka Wood Handle

This is a compressed and epoxy-impregnated wood.

The knife’s handle is made from premium Pakka wood.

Pakka wood handles are known to be far more resistant to moisture compared to regular wood.

They also last a long time.

The handle of this knife is a full tang, which is an important feature for knives that are used for big chopping motions.

Additionally, the shaping of the knife is ambidextrous, which makes it a perfect choice for absolutely anyone.

  • Curved Design

Its curved shape adds more leverage to the slicing motion.

The Dalstrong Butcher Knife is evidently a large knife at 10 inches.

The length and weight of the blade make it much easier to cut through tough foods.

  • Rock-Hollow Divots

The blade also features rock-hollow divots along the length of it.

This is helpful as it reduces the adhesion of any food to the blade.

How to Make the Most Out of it

The Dalstrong Butcher-Breaking Cimitar Knife is a great investment, but to get the most bang out of your buck, you must take care of it properly.

You would want to keep it clean and maintain it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Like any kitchen knife, this knife is supposed to be taken care of properly, as well.

It should only be hand-washed and dried immediately.

Do not leave the knife dirty or submerged in water as that will damage it.

Once the knife is fully dried, you should then store it safely in its sheath.

Make sure that you sharpen your knife once every few months or a bit more often if you are using it to cut meat regularly.

A well-maintained knife will not only work well but also last for a very long time.


  • Highly resistant to chips and cracks
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • Has a well-made and strong blade
  • Durable handle
  • Rock-hollow divots along the edge of the blade
  • Comes with a sheath


  • The handle could be a bit longer


Wüsthof Classic Butcher Knife

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At 10 inches long and with a short handle, this Dalstrong butcher knife can be tough to use, especially for people with smaller hands.

To solve this issue, we tried to find a great alternative and came across the Wüsthof Classic Butcher Knife.

In terms of its features, it’s the same as its counterpart.

Its blade is made using high-carbon stainless steel and is razor-sharp with excellent edge retention.

The blade also features rock-hollow divots along the edge to prevent foods from sticking to it.

The only difference here is that this is an eight-inch blade with a decently sized handle.

As such, it is easy to use even by people with smaller hands.


The Dalstrong Butcher-Breaking Cimitar Knife is a truly fantastic knife that is made with premium materials.

It is an ultra-sharp knife that will cut through meat with absolute ease.

When taken care of properly, it will easily last you for decades.

If you need a good chef’s knife to add to your arsenal, we recommend you check out our detailed review of some of the best chef’s knives, too.