Global G-7 Deba Knife Review

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Quick Overview



  • Proprietary CROMOVA 18 blade
  • Requires minimal sharpening
  • Razor-sharp
  • Ideal for left-hand users
  • Made in Japan
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant


  • Not resistant to slips
  • Handwash only

Because the sharp blade can make thin and delicate slices, you use a Deba knife when preparing sashimi and sushi.

Of course, that’s not the only use of a Deba knife.

A good Deba knife can easily cut through a whole large fish, such as tuna and salmon.

If you are considering getting one for yourself, we suggest looking at our detailed Global G-7 Deba Knife review first.

Global G-7 Deba Knife

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Many years ago, Japanese swordsmiths created the high art of sword making to provide samurais with strong and sharp blades.

Global Knives follow this same tradition of handcrafting knives using only the best raw materials for more than three decades.

Every knife they make is weighed carefully to ensure that it is perfectly balanced.

The company started designing knives for the first time in 1985 under the creative visionary of Komin Yamada.

When Yamada was commissioned for this task, his goal was to create a truly extraordinary and revolutionary collection of knives.

He wanted to make use of only the best materials along with the latest techniques.

As a result, Yamada was able to create a series of kitchen knives that appealed to amateur and professional chefs.

All Global knives are easy to handle, comfortable, and can meet even the most demanding requirements.

Who Is the Global G-7 Deba Knife For?

The Global G-7 Deba Knife is ideal for any individual who cooks fish all the time.

The knife can comfortably carry out cutting tasks, from filleting, beheading, and cutting fish bones.

The unique structure of this knife can help in effectively breaking down fish and even poultry with minimal effort.

For those who intend to use this knife primarily to cut fish, you will appreciate its heel portion when you have to cut the head and tail only and no other parts.

What’s more, it has a fantastic blade that does not ruin the texture of the fish either.

As such, we would recommend it for any individual who is learning to cook sushi or sashimi.

What’s Included?

The knife is shipped to you in a beautiful slim black cardboard box with the company’s brand design all over it.

Within the box, you will find the Global G-7 Deba Knife placed perfectly inside a plastic covering to protect it from any damage during transit.

There is also a small leaflet that contains all the details of the brand and a list of Global’s top-selling knives that you can consider buying.

Overview of the Features

The best feature of the Global G-7 Deba Knife is its all-steel body, from the tip of the blade to the base of the handle.

Along with its unique design, this makes this knife a favorite of many professional cooks.

There’s a lot that this Deba knife has to offer, so let’s talk about its features more in detail.

  • CROMOVA Blade

An interesting aspect that sets this knife apart from its competitors is the proprietary material called CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel.

The CRO stands for chromium, while the 18 refers to the percentage of chromium present in the steel.

The MO and VA stand for molybdenum and vanadium, which are two metallic elements giving the knife a better edge.

Additionally, the combination of these two materials is why the knife does not need frequent sharpening.

This steel is extremely hard and can hold a razor-sharp cutting edge for extended periods.

Furthermore, the high percentage of chromium ensures that the steel has good stain resistance.

However, it would be best if you take good care of these knives so that they last longer.

  • Exceptionally Sharp Edge

There are two innovative features of this knife—its edge and how well-balanced it is.

The single-bevel edge is truly this knife’s signature.

It’s meant for left-handed users, and it has been ground steeply to a point and an acute angle.

As a result, you get a dramatically sharp edge that will remain that way for a longer period.

The edge of this knife is so prominent and large that you can easily see it with your naked eye.

  • Specifications

The Global G-7 Deba Knife belongs to the Global Classic Range.

It has a Rockwell Hardness of 56 – 58 and has a sharp 15-degree cutting edge.

The blade is made in Japan and designed by Komin Yamada.

  • Little Maintenance

For proper care and maintenance, keep in mind that the knife is handwash only.

Like any other good knife, it will also help if you dry it before storing it away.

How to Make the Most Out of the Global G-7 Deba Knife?

Global knives are undoubtedly unique and stand out from the rest.

However, if you have never used a Global knife before, we understand your apprehension.

As such, we recommend checking out this detailed Global knife set review video to understand how these knives are made and just how well they perform.


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The Global G-7 Deba knife is a brilliant knife; there’s no doubt about that.

Still, new cooks might find it too pricey and not that user-friendly.

In that case, we found the perfect alternative in the Kai Seki Magoroku Kinju ST Japanese Deba Knife.

This simple, affordable Deba knife has very similar, if not the same, raw materials used to make the blade.

It features a combination of stainless steel, molybdenum, and vanadium.

This results in an extremely sharp edge that requires minimal sharpening.

The handle is made from laminated wood, and there is a nylon cap that is heat-resistant to up to 90 degrees C.

The knife is ideal for beginners and amateur cooks who primarily work with fish. Even the overall maintenance of the blade is fairly simple.

Is the Global G-7 Deba Knife For You?

Looking at its impressive list of features, we can say with certainty that any cook will love having this knife in their collection.

Not only does the Global G-7 Deba Knife have a premium construction, but its razor-sharp blade will hold its edge far longer than others.

While it is pricier than other Deba knives, you can be sure that its features are worth every penny.