Wusthof Classic Utility Knife Review

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You will find different types of knives on the market, which is why deciding on which ones to buy can sometimes be confusing.

Some say a chef’s knife is enough, but what about the more delicate works that a chef’s knife can’t handle? This is where a utility knife comes in handy.

When it comes to knives, you can trust the level of craftsmanship and quality that Wusthof offers.

To complete your kitchen tools, let’s find out what this Wusthof Classic Utility Knife can do for you.

Wusthof Classic Utility Knife

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The Classic Series is one of 10 knife collections from this word-class brand. It has the most number of items covering most of Wusthof’s different knife types.

In total, there have been seven generations who have handled the management of this family-owned company.

With their dedication to making quality knives, it’s undeniable that this brand has been among the market leaders in this industry for decades.

Wusthof is known for producing mid- to high-end kitchen knives designed for domestic and professional use.

Particularly, this utility knife from the Classic series will be an excellent addition to your kitchen tools for all your other meal prep tasks.

Who Is This Product For?

As one of the most famous knife brands for homemakers and professional cooks, this utility knife offers excellent quality and functionality.

It is a stable and reliable tool for those in-between jobs in the kitchen.

All busy home cooks and other cooking fanatics will benefit from this versatile utility knife. You can also present this as a gift to your friends and family.

This knife is your perfect choice if you are looking for a small multi-purpose knife.

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What’s Included?

The Wusthof Classic Utility Knife arrives carefully laid on top of a shaped foam. This foam is packed in a cardboard box that features the brand’s trident logo.

Overview of the Features

Professional chefs and aspiring home cooks both acknowledge the stability and dependability of this Wusthof knife.

Here are its amazing features:

  • Long-Lasting Build

When it comes to durability, nothing beats this Classic Series utility knife.

It boasts a high carbon stainless steel construction mixed with other components like molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium.

The blade is tempered to give it a 58 degree Rockwell hardness measurement proving its durability.

  • Comfortable Handle

You will love the handle, too, which is made more durable by the added rivets. These secure the handle to the knife’s tang.

Because it’s made of premium synthetic material, you can trust that the handle is highly resistant to discoloration.

You will also find a full bolster on the handle, ensuring weight and balance while protecting the user’s hand.

The handle also showcases Wusthof’s red trident logo.

  • Razor-Sharp Blade

Thanks to Wusthof’s precision-edge technology, you will find that the blade quality is top-notch.

This tech ensures a 20% increase in the blade’s sharpness, doubling its edge-retention capabilities.

Wusthof’s PEtechnology also ensures excellent performance and a longer lifespan.

This sharp edge is achieved using computer-controlled robotics, which sharpens the knife using a whetstone. In turn, you get a tool with excellent cutting performance.

Then, the final polishing of the blade is completed by hand-buffing. This process uses a special polishing disc to yield this sleek and elegant-looking knife.

  • Variety of Uses

This knife’s six-inch straight edge blade makes it a perfect all-purpose tool that can perform a variety of jobs like mincing, cutting, and more.

Proudly stamped on each extremely sharp edge is the brand’s name and other vital information about the knife.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Although Wusthof states that it is safe to clean this utility knife in the dishwasher, hand washing is still the recommended cleaning choice by the experts.

The knife should then be wiped dry afterward and before putting it in its proper storage. This protects and prevents the blade from discoloration, corrosion, and dullness.

You can take a look at a visual preview of the Wusthof Classic utility knife here.


  • Versatile tool
  • Well-made
  • Made of quality materials
  • Guaranteed to last long
  • Keeps a sharp edge


  • Can be too expensive for some


Wusthof Classic Prep Set

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If you want to get the most value from your money and stack your kitchen with every kind of knife you might need, you would want to opt for a knife set instead.

For that, we found the Wusthof Classic Prep Set with two pieces of knives. It is inclusive of a three-and-a half-inch paring knife and a six-inch cook’s knife.

The paring knife is the perfect tool for mincing herbs and onions. It is also ideal for cutting and cleaning vegetables.

On the other hand, the cook’s knife is your kitchen workhorse. It is your perfect tool for mincing, dicing, chopping, and slicing all types of food during meal prep.

The Classic Series is the brand’s best-selling knife collection of Wusthof from the start.

All the knives included in this series are precision-forged from one sheet of premium stainless steel with high carbon content.

It is then carefully processed to reach the 58-degree hardness from the Rockwell scale.

Through the use of the PEtec, which is Wusthof’s trademark technology, the blades from the Classic series are now sharper by 20%.

Its straight-edge blade can also hold its sharpness twice as long as its standard retention period.

Also, all of Wusthof’s knives are made to be durable, ensuring high resistance levels of dulling and corrosion.

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The durable synthetic handles are riveted three times to the knife’s full tang to ensure its sturdiness and stability.

Both blades are proudly stamped with the Wusthof brand, while the red trident logo sticker is shown on the handle.

It may be priced higher than the utility knife, but with this set, you will be getting two different knife varieties from the Wusthof’s Classic Series.

As a part of the company’s commitment to providing quality products, the knives are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on defects.


The Wusthof Classic Utility Knife, with its six-inch straight-edge blade, is one reliable tool that can take on multiple kitchen tasks.

This flexible and easy-to-handle knife has the perfect blade for peeling, slicing, and trimming.

However, if you feel that this is priced too high for your budget, you might want to check out the alternative product we have provided.

The Wusthof Classic Prep Set includes two knife varieties that would both be useful and functional in the kitchen.

Either way, you are sure to get the best value for your money, regardless of which knife option you choose from the two.