Best Kitchen Utility Knife: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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A utility knife, or sometimes called a petty knife, is the smaller version of an all-purpose knife you typically use in the kitchen.

Its versatility can be compared to a chef’s knife, although a utility knife can handle more delicate tasks.

Also, the best kitchen utility knife can take on intricate tasks aside from the regular ones, like carving, peeling, mincing, and more.

Below, we will be looking into five utility knives that we’re sure would be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Best Kitchen Utility Knife Reviews

Comparison Chart

Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Utility Knife, Black
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DALSTRONG Utility Knife – 6″ – Shogun Series – Damascus – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Vacuum Heat Treated – w/Sheath
Zelite Infinity Utility Knife 6 Inch – Comfort-Pro Series – German High Carbon Stainless Steel – Razor Sharp, Super Comfortable
41y4z25ab8L. SL500
Utility Knife – PAUDIN 5 inch Chef Knife German High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife, Fruit and Vegetable Cutting Chopping Carving Knives, Ergonomic Handle with Gifted Box
21aPunl8BeL. SL500
Wusthof Classic 6-Inch Utility Knife

1. Mercer Culinary Millennia Utility Knife

For more than three decades now, most professional chefs and culinary schools have chosen Mercer for their cutlery needs.

Now, this world-class brand offers the Millennia knife. This showcases ingenious features useful to both professional and home cooks.

Product Highlights

This utility knife is an excellent addition to any kitchen because of its versatility in handling numerous kitchen tasks.

Here are what makes it a great buy:

  • High Carbon Steel Blade

This utility knife is constructed using a single piece of Japanese high carbon steel. This material is known to resist stains, making this knife easy to clean and maintain.

Japanese steel also boasts durability and fash sharpening ability, so you can be sure that the knife keeps its razor-sharp edge for longer.

You can trust that the blade is also resistant to discoloration, corrosion, and rust.

  • Ergonomic Handle

A combination of Santoprene and polypropylene makes up the entirety of the ergonomic handle.

Santoprene is used to provide comfortability, while the latter ensures the handle’s durability.

You are sure to appreciate the textured finger points that give you a firmer grip on the handle.

Aside from slip-resistance, the handle also features a protective finger guard to prevent the thumb from slipping right onto the blade.

The handle’s construction is intentionally more extensive as it nears the blade to add protection to the user’s finger.

  • Size

With the blade measuring only six inches, this Mercer utility knife is petite. Nevertheless, it would still fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

It is just the right size for cutting, paring, and chopping without taking too much space.

  • NSF Certified

The National Sanitation Foundation, or NSF, is an independent organization that sets standards for different products.

With an NSF certification, you can be sure that the Mercer Millennia knife underwent testing and passed the standards for quality, safety, and performance.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

This utility knife from Mercer is covered by a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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The Good

The utility knife’s blade comes out sharp right out of the box. The handle also feels comfortable to hold and easy to control.

You can also see how well-made the knife is through its quality but still reasonably priced.

The knife may be small and lightweight, but you can feel its durability once you hold and grip its handle.

The Bad

Some users claimed that the knife became rusty after using it for a month.

Also, the finger protector might actually be an inconvenience, as it keeps the user from chopping through some vegetables.

There were also complaints about the handle being too bulky for the size of the knife.


  • Petite
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Sharp
  • Durable


  • Rusts easy
  • Not balanced

2. Dalstrong Shogun Series Utility Knife

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The Dalstrong utility knife from the brand’s Shogun series is more than just its elegant looks. You’d be surprised that it offers excellent functionality, too.

Though created by a young company, Dalstrong is slowly making a name for itself thanks to its beautiful knives.

Product Highlights

With a combination of quality craftsmanship and premium materials, this knife is comparable to higher-end options that most professionals use.

Let’s take a look at what it offers.

  • Sharp Blade With Mirror Polish

Again, this Shogun utility knife is a handsome one, with its mirror polish and scalpel-like sharpness.

The edges are set at eight to 12 degrees using an ancient three-step method called Honbazuke.

It is then cooled using nitrogen for added control, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion.

The full tang blade has a top-quality Japanese steel construction called AUS-10V. It boasts a Rockwell hardness of 62+ for superb edge retention and performance.

Also, this Japanese steel has 67 layers of premium quality high carbon stainless steel.

These ensure superior durability, strength, and stain-resistance with improved non-stick properties.

It has the perfect balance that allows you to cut through food smoothly and without resistance.

It also comes with a Dalstrong PerfectFit sheath made of premium polymer to protect the blade and your finger.

  • Ergonomic Handle

The fiberglass resin G-10 handle of this knife ensures military-grade strength and durability.

It has a natural pinch grip that offers excellent hand control, comfort, and flexibility.

Three rivets have been added to secure the handle on the knife’s tang for a more ergonomic feel. It is also highly resistant to cold, heat, and moisture.

  • Expert Packaging

Each Dalstrong knife is expertly packed in top-notch packaging perfect as presents for friends and loved ones.

  • Risk-Free Purchase

The purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on defects.

These offers, as well as the company’s excellent customer service, are part of its commitment to build customer trust.

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The Good

The versatility of this six-inch utility knife from the Dalstrong Shogun Series can conquer most of your culinary challenges.

It can function as a smaller chef’s knife or a larger paring knife, thanks to the fact that it can make accurate cuts.

The knife looks elegant and well-balanced, making it comfortable to hold so that you can finish your meal prep in no time.

The simple locking mechanism on the inclusive sheath uses a pin-on-a-string method to keep it secured.

The Bad

The blade might not arrive as sharp for brand-new knives. You need to resharpen it to get your desired sharpness.

Also, the engraved logo on the knife’s blade tends to accumulate debris and other microbes from the food you are slicing.

We also noticed that the sheath that comes along with the knife is poorly made. The cord can quickly disengage from the pin breaking the locking system.

This knife is more on the expensive side, too, which may be an issue with those on a budget.


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Sleek appearance
  • Has many uses
  • Built to last


  • Low-quality sheath
  • Cannot keep an edge

3. Zelite Infinity Comfort Pro Series Utility Knife

Zelite might be new to the industry, but its original Comfort Pro Series is well received by both home cooks and chefs.

The Comfort Pro Series is constructed from premium materials and created with the essential features that can kindle the chef in you.

Product Highlights

This collection also features the brand’s most affordable knives. Though budget-friendly, the utility knife from the series does not compromise on its features.

  • Razor-Sharp Blade

The razor-sharp blade of the Comfort Pro utility knife is 2.4 millimeters thick and offers the least slicing resistance.

It has an impressive appearance, with the brand’s name distinctly printed on the blade.

The six-inch blade can efficiently mince herbs, fillet a fish, slice fruits, and take on other possible tasks you have in the kitchen.

It is made from German high carbon stainless steel that is non-stick and easy to maintain. It also offers long-lasting performance and is resistant to rust, stain, and corrosion.

The Rockwell hardness is at 56, which means that the blade is sturdy, hard, and has excellent edge retention.

This Comfort Pro utility knife has a fine edge, a spear point tip, and a straight pine.

It is hand-finished using the three-step Japanese traditional method called Honbazuke for a more polished look.

Precise slicing is made possible with the blade’s 15- to 18-degree cutting angle, giving it ultimate sharpness and edge retention ability.

  • Full-Tang Handle

The full-tang handle has an ergonomic design that will give you comfort, durability, and total control of the knife.

This rounded black handle has a narrowed bolster, making it comfortable for pinch gripping as you cut your food.

The forged handle gives the knife a perfect balance for you to enjoy and have fun as you prepare your meals.

  • Warranty

Buying this Comfort Pro utility knife entitles you to a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You will also be receiving a free lifetime warranty if you buy the knife directly from Zelite Infinity.

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The Good

This utility knife from Zelite is well-packaged in a beautifully designed box that will be perfect as a gift for any occasion.

The knife is just the right size and weight that can perfectly fit your hand, giving you a more effortless slicing experience.

The rounded handle is smooth and stable, allowing you to comfortably grip the knife. This also means the knife has a perfect balance, eliminating tired feeling as you slice.

The Bad

Users complained the blade started to chip after a couple of weeks.

Others also mentioned that the edge started rusting when frequently washed in the dishwasher.

Most manufacturers advise that the knives should be hand-washed and immediately wiped dry to prevent rusting.


  • Sharp and balanced blade
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ideal for those on a budget
  • Well-made


  • Gets chipped easily
  • Might rust with improper care

4. Paudin Utility Knife

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All Paudin knives boast an elegant design, made from quality materials, and are reasonably priced.

Despite its beauty, these knives are all functional and guaranteed to last a long time.

Product Highlights

The Paudin utility knife will give you the sharpness, balance, and style that everyone is looking for in a knife.

Let’s see how it fares against its competitors.

  • Premium German Stainless Steel Blade

The agility of the knife’s blade allows you to perform all kinds of kitchen tasks like slicing, mincing and dicing.

It is also easy to clean, maintain, and resharpen, as it is made from premium German stainless steel.

During production, the blade was cooled down using liquid nitrogen, which ensures hardness. In fact, the cutting core is at 56+.

The cutting edge features a 12- to 14-degree angle. This guarantee’s the blade’s sharpness lasts a long time and gives you an effortless slicing experience.

The forged stainless steel blade has a beautiful wavy pattern similar to a real Damascus knife.

  • Pakkawood Handle

The handle is made of non-slip Pakkawood material, giving you an ergonomic grip with a soft and comfortable feel.

The wooden handle gives the knife the right balance for a more comfortable movement and slicing experience.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a lifetime commitment to ensure that the customers are 100% satisfied with the product.

If you found a defect on the knife, you’d be glad that Paudin offers a refund; you just need to get in touch with their customer service team.

617la QHPIL. SL500

The Good

This utility knife is perfect for removing the fat from the meat, as well as for effortless cutting of fruits and vegetables.

Though the blades are easy to maintain, you still have to hone them at least once every three months to keep it sharp.

The sleek handle and the blade’s construction give the knife the perfect balance for smoother and faster meal preparations.

It feels comfortable to hold, too, allowing you to move with ease.

Lastly, we like that it is neatly packed in a decorative box, making it a perfect gift for all types of celebrations.

The Bad

It would have been better if it came with a blade cover sheath to protect both the edge and the user’s fingers.

Some find that it also has a hard time holding an edge, and the blade might dull quickly.


  • Balanced construction
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Might get dull fast
  • Does not hold an edge

5. Wusthof Classic Series Utility Knife

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The utility knife from Wusthof’s Classic Series, also known as a sandwich knife, is a favorite choice among cooking enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a professional chef or just someone who likes to experiment in the kitchen, this high-quality utility knife is a good investment for you.

Product Highlights

Wusthof has been famous for producing the finest cutlery in the world for decades. Will this utility knife enough for your needs?

  • Full-Tang Blade

The full tang utility knife is forged from one sheet of high carbon steel composed of chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum.

Wusthof used the PrecisionEdgeTechnology, or simply PEtec, to improve the blade’s sharpness by 20%.

This technology also aids in keeping the edge twice longer than its average retention time.

The Wusthof name is proudly stamped on the blade and is tempered to reach the 58-mark on the Rockwell hardness scale.

It has a straight-edge blade ideal for multi-purpose tasks in the kitchen during meal prep.

The thin and flared-tip blade can easily glide through the food and produce smoother and cleaner cuts.

  • Sturdy Yet Comfortable Handle

The handle does not come with any joints and showcases three durable and dependable rivets.

It is made of a durable synthetic material called Polyoxymethylene, or POM, which can effectively resist discoloration and fading.

The full bolster and finger guard between the blade and the handle offers balance and safety to protect the user’s hand while handling the knife.

The conventionally designed handle features the brand’s red trident logo stickered on it.

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The Good

The utility knife’s length is perfect for handling tasks for mid-sized blades that feel awkward for a paring or chef’s knife.

It is excellent for all meal prep work types, as it provides better control than others.

You can resharpen the blade using an electric sharpener to prolong the life of your knife.

The look and feel of this utility knife clearly show the high-quality standards used in its creation.

The knife’s overall seamless design eliminates the chances of any food residue or other microbes to get stuck in between.

The Bad

The handle’s size does not fit well if you have small or large hands, making you adjust the grip to find a comfortable spot.

The price point for this utility knife may be too high for some consumers on a budget.


  • Well made and balanced
  • Comfortable to use
  • Keeps a sharp edge
  • Made of quality materials


  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide

A successful meal prep starts with a good knife. It is one of the essential tools any cooking enthusiasts need.

For those who love food and cooking, great culinary knives should always be among the first investments you make.

After all, using quality knives will grow your skills as you enjoy excellent performance with every possible kitchen tasks.

Figuring out the factors you should be looking for when buying this tool is the first thing to take into consideration.

1. Blade Length

As mentioned above, a utility knife is considered the smaller version of a chef’s knife. It can be your second go-to knife around the kitchen.

The blade’s length usually ranges between four and seven inches, perfect for in-between tasks in the kitchen.

Choosing the blade length should depend on how you intend to use the knife. Longer and larger blades are meant for more pressing tasks.

You can generally compare the size of your index finger to the blade length so that you can easily control the knife’s action.

2. Handle Shape

The handle is another factor that you need to consider when buying this kitchen tool. It should be an extension of the tang and can provide a good grip.

The handle’s surface should also be non-slippery, making it safer to hold even when your hands are wet.

There is no specific design when it comes to the shape of the knife’s handle. An average hand would have an almost similar width but different grips.

Hence, most handle shapes are curved, extending to the butt to ensure that the user is comfortable while controlling the knife’s movements.

3. Blade Steel Material

There are various types of blade steel materials used by knifemakers. For this reason, we will only look at the most common ones.

The type of steel used on your knife’s blade will determine how well it performs your daily kitchen task.

Steel is technically a combination of iron and carbon enhanced with other components to add character to the material.

Here are some knife steel categories:

  • Carbon Steel

This type of steel provides the durability needed for knives intended for rough use. These are knives that are easy to resharpen, have sharp edges, and hold an edge longer.

However, carbon steel is low on chromium content, making it prone to corrosion and stains. It is also more brittle and less flexible than other types of steel.

Knives made from carbon steel need extra care and maintenance.

  • Stainless Steel

Technically, stainless steel is also carbon steel but with more chromium content of at least 13% for better corrosion resistance.

The downside to using a stainless steel blade is its reduced durability, giving it a shorter lifespan than others.

Nevertheless, stainless steel is still the most sought after material when making kitchen knives.

Knives constructed with quality stainless steel retain an edge better and does not require too much maintenance.

The AUS and VG types are two of the most commonly found in kitchen knives that belong to upper mid-range and high-end categories, respectively.

  • High Carbon Stainless Steel

This steel type has a good balance when it comes to sharpness, edge retention, corrosion resistance, and easy resharpening.

You will find this material in most high-end cutlery brands. Other manufacturers try to concoct their proprietary alloy.

Knives made from this material hold an edge longer, don’t rust easily, nor resharpen well. They need to be hand washed and immediately dried before storing correctly.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Knives that are properly cared for will surely last a long time.

Most manufacturers provide instructions on how to care for your knife. Look for one that does not require too much to maintain.

Some knives can rust quickly, especially those that require hand washing and drying before storing. If you are not up to that task, look for low maintenance knives.

Kitchen Utility Knife FAQs

1. What is a utility knife used for in the kitchen?

It is closely similar to an all-around chef’s knife but on a smaller scale and comes with serrated or straight-edge options.

Some call it a sandwich knife, but you can also use it for other purposes, including:

  • Slicing meat
  • Slicing buns and bagels
  • Cutting sandwiches
  • Chopping vegetables
  • Slicing herbs

2. What brand of knives do professional chefs prefer?

Below are some of the knife brands preferred by professional chefs:

  • Dalstrong Shogun Series
  • Zelite Infinity
  • Mercer Culinary Millennia
  • Victorinox Fibrox Pro
  • J.A. Henckels International Classic
  • MAC Knife Professional Hollow Edge
  • Wusthof Classic

3. What 3 knives are essential to a kitchen?

You don’t need a drawer full of knives in your kitchen. Having these three essential knives in your arsenal is enough to prepare a decent meal.

  • Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is the most vital tool to have in any kitchen. It can perform almost every possible task that you can think of.

  • Paring Knife

A paring knife is smaller, with blades measuring between two and four inches. It is designed for delicate tasks, like peeling onions, trimming vegetables, or coring tomatoes.

  • Serrated Knife

Serrated knives are ideal for slicing loaves of bread, meats, and sometimes tomatoes. It is the perfect knife for foods that are hard outside but soft inside.

4. Do I need a chef’s knife and a Santoku knife?

Choosing between Santoku and a chef’s knife is sometimes a matter of personal preference.

If you like cooking fish and vegetables more than meat, a Santoku knife will be more useful.

However, if you are looking for a multi-purpose knife that you can depend on in your kitchen tasks, choose a chef’s knife instead.

5. What is the most versatile kitchen knife?

As we have said, a chef’s knife is the most versatile knife that you can have.

It is capable of doing various things, from dicing vegetables to slicing meats and chopping nuts and herbs with ease.

Final Verdict

Once you have the best kitchen utility knife in your collection, it will become your next go-to knife after the chef’s knife.

Its lightness and flexibility will let you use it even for long periods without any discomfort.

Our favorite among those we have reviewed is the Wusthof Classic Series. The long manufacturing experience of the company is shown in its product.

The quality of the utility knife is comparable to Wusthof Classic high carbon steel paring knife, which has proven its superiority compared to other brands.