Best Magnetic Knife Holders

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Knives do not take too much space, but there are instances where you have so many things in your kitchen that you don’t have a place to keep your knives. 

Most people want their knives to be very close to them when cooking, but it won’t be possible if you do not have enough space in your kitchen.

If you are thinking of this problem, you can get the best magnetic knife holder to keep your knives close to you and to help you save more countertop, cabinet, and drawer space in the kitchen. 

Magnetic knife holders are pretty useful since you can just put the knife on top of it and it would stick like glue.

If you think that a magnetic knife holder would help you with your current problem, we listed down the most popular magnetic knife holders in the market. 

We looked into their features, pros, and cons.

We also curated a short buying guide and provided answers to FAQs to help you make the right decision when choosing a knife holder.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar with Multi-Purpose Functionality as a Knife Holder, Knife Strip, Magnetic Tool Organizer, Art Supply Organizer & Home Organizer
41wbXZ+A86L. SL500
Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall, Ouddy 16 Inch Knife Magnetic Strip, Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip Bar Rack Block for Kitchen Utensil Holder, Art Supply Organizer & Tool Holder
51FunfpyQ9L. SL500
Magnetic Knife Strip 12 Inch – Best Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holder – Wall Knife Magnet – Magnetic Knife Rack Bar With 4 Hooks in Gift Box – 5 Years Guarantee
31kIAfV5N7L. SL500
Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip, Holder Made in USA (Maple, 8 inches)
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Eco friendly Bamboo wood magnetic knife holder, 17 inch knife strip or bar in gift box. Premium Presents brand.

1. Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar

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Modern Innovations is one of the most popular lifestyle brands to date since they provide high-quality and sustainable home products that are not only focused on functionality, but also in aesthetics. 

They have a wide range of kitchenware like teapots, wine glasses, water bottles, and knife bars.

The Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar is one of the best knife bars that they provide, and for some reason.

Product Highlights

The Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar is an amazing knife holder that can provide the extra space that you need for your kitchen and provide more convenience in accessing your knives. 

It provides a wide range of features that would make your life easier when cooking.

  • Design and Construction

The magnetic knife holder offers a modern design that would complement the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

It also has a fully magnetic surface that is powered by a neodymium magnet that would hold your knives and prevent them from falling. 

The powerful neodymium magnet can hold even the largest knives and other tools without damaging them.

The Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar has a satin finish that would accentuate the decorations in your kitchen. 

It is made from high-grade stainless steel that would guarantee that the knife holder would be extremely strong and last for a long time.

  • Installation

The Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar comes with mounting equipment along with an easy-to-follow instruction to help you install the knife holder in your kitchen.

  • Length

One of the main selling points of the Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar is its extended length. 

Its 15 3/4-inch length would allow you to put more knives on the holder, but will still be small enough to fit in your kitchen.

  • Versatility

Although this holder is made for knives, you can also put other tools for safekeeping. 

You can even install the Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar at the garage and place all of your tools so that you can reach out to them anytime you need them.

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What We Like

In its price range, only a few knife holders actually have a length of 15.8 inches. 

Modern Innovations also made a great job designing the knife holder as the design would fit any type of kitchen decoration. 

Even if you are using a modern or traditional kitchen design, this type of knife holder will be able to accentuate the decorations in the kitchen.

What We Don’t Like

While the Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar is an extremely versatile knife holder, it is not strong enough to hold large and heavy knives.


  • Cost-effective
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Compact design


  • Weak magnet

2. Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder

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If you are looking for affordable ice cube trays, knife holders, silicone molds, and more, Ouddy got you covered. 

Ouddy is one of the known providers of high-quality and cost-effective knife holders in the market, and the Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder is one of their best models.

Product Highlights

The Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder is a premium knife bar made from high-quality stainless steel, and it features a sleek and modern design. 

It can help you save more space in your kitchen since you can place it almost anywhere.

  • Durability

Durability is one of the strongest points of the Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder, and it is capable of holding your knives securely in place. 

The stainless-steel structure of the knife holder would guarantee that it would not be damaged easily.

It will not develop rust, and it won’t cause any damage to your knife. 

Its magnetic charge won’t run out easily, and your knives will not slide off.

  • Installation

This knife bar product includes mounting hardware along with an instruction manual to help you set it up anywhere in your kitchen.

  • Versatility

This knife holder is more than just a tool to keep your knives safe. 

You can store and keep various tools inside your house.

As a matter of fact, you can install it anywhere you want inside the house like your garage and bedroom. 

The Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder is also capable of holding any type of tool made from metal, as long as it is not too heavy. 

It also has an extended length that would allow you to put more knives and other tools, while still being small enough to fit anywhere in your house.

  • Refund and Replacement

Ouddy is very confident with the quality of this product, so if you are not satisfied with its performance, you can contact them, and you can get a full refund or replacement.

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What We Like

One of the things that you would love about the Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder is you can put it on your fridge. 

Although not a lot of people would put a knife holder in their fridge, some do this because they don’t have enough space in their kitchen.

The design is pretty elegant, as well, so it would fit whatever design you have in your kitchen.

Also, since the Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder is stainless steel, it is strong enough to last for a long time.

What We Don’t Like

Ouddy is claiming that this model has a powerful magnet. 

It does have a powerful magnet, but only for smaller knives. 

It is not capable of holding large knives since they are too heavy for the magnet.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can be mounted on the refrigerator
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Weak magnet

3. Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

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Eco Kitchen is a well-known brand providing kitchen products and utensils that would make your life easier. 

They provide high-quality products for a price you can afford, making them a top choice for most homeowners.

The Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder is one of their latest innovations, and it provides a wide range of features that would amaze you.

Product Highlights

The Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder allows you to hold and elegantly keep your cutlery. 

You can put it near the stove or your work area so that you can reach out to the knives without hurting yourself.

  • Materials Used

The Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder is made from high-grade stainless steel, making it sturdy and rust-free. 

It also features a neodymium magnet that is powerful enough to hold steady all of your knives and tools. 

It will not lose its magnetic charge easily, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it only after a few years.

  • Construction

The Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder is known for its unique construction. 

Compared with most traditional knife holders, this model has two neodymium magnets instead of just one. 

It provides better fixation when you put your knives, and you can save more space by putting smaller knives in just a single neodymium magnet.

  • Four Additional Hooks

The unique trait of the Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder is the four additional hooks included in the product. 

Its unique construction is actually made to provide more flexibility to the knife holder since you can put the four additional hooks at the lower magnet. 

You also can put other kitchen utensils that you want in the hooks, and you can put your knives in between.

What We Like

The best thing about the Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder is its two neodymium magnets and four hooks. 

The two magnets are weaker compared with a single strip, but with two magnets working together to hold the knives, it would be stronger than a single strip.

The four hooks also provide more flexibility since you can put other utensils in it. 

If you put the Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder near your work area, you can easily access your knives and other kitchen tools.

What We Don’t Like

Compared with more expensive knife holders, the Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder does not have a strong magnet. 

Since the magnet is divided into two, it is still not strong enough to hold larger knives.


  • Unique construction
  • Four additional hooks 
  • Very sturdy


  • Weak magnet

4. WooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip

31kIAfV5N7L. SL500

The Woodsom Magnetic Knife Strip is more than your typical knife holder as it can also be considered as a decoration to your kitchen. 

Its wooden construction can provide an elegant finish to your kitchen and provide the functionality that you need to keep your knives safe and within reach.

Product Highlights

The Woodsom Magnetic Knife Strip is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a knife holder that can provide elegance and sophistication to their kitchen.

  • All-Natural Wood

The Woodsom Magnetic Knife Strip is made from all-natural wood, and food-safe oil is used for its finishing. 

The magnet is inside the wood, and it is strong enough to hold your knives and keep them sharp for a long time.

  • Construction

Although not as strong as stainless steel, wood provides a decent amount of protection to the magnet. 

It protects the magnet and makes sure that it won’t be damaged or develop rust.

  • Installation

The mounting hardware and installation instructions are also included so you won’t have a hard time setting up the Woodsom Magnetic Knife Strip. 

If you follow the instructions in the installation manual, it will provide a solid and secure mounting, so the knife holder will not turn loose.

41N528IbPfL. SL500

What We Like

The best thing that you will love about the Woodsom Magnetic Knife Strip is its all-natural wood construction. 

It is definitely a great choice if you want to improve the appearance of your kitchen. 

It also comes with different sizes starting from eight inches up to 36 inches.

What We Don’t Like

Although the Woodsom Magnetic Knife Strip looks good and it has a strong magnet, the magnetic charge is not as strong as the other models made with stainless steel. 

You cannot put bigger knives since it won’t be able to hold it.

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  • Stunning appearance
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to install


  • Weak magnet

5. Premium Presents Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

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Premium Presents just made the competition fiercer with its unique Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder. 

Bamboo is one of the premium materials when it comes to many different kitchen utensils, and using it for a knife holder is definitely a great decision. 

It’s durable and provides aesthetics to complement the design of your kitchen.

Product Highlights

Aptly named, the Premium Presents Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder has a bamboo wood texture. 

It can provide a soothing and fresh look to your kitchen.

  • Magnetic Force

This 17-inch Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder is extremely popular because it has a powerful magnetic force that would keep your knives and other utensils steady. 

There are no dead zones in the knife holder, which means all the areas are magnetic.

  • Bar Thickness

The bar is one-inch thick, which would make it easier to grab. 

It will also make sure that the knives and other utensils will not come into contact with the wall where you plan on installing the knife holder. 

You also can easily grab the knives from the Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder.

  • Durability

This is the main selling point of the Premium Presents Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder because bamboo is more durable than other types of wood since it doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture. 

It is harder than maple, but also lighter than wood.

Bamboo also does not absorb odors and will not stain, so it can last a long time.

413AhOGKk5L. SL500

What We Like

The most appealing feature of the Premium Presents Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder is its bamboo material. 

It provides a fresh feeling in your kitchen since it is real bamboo. The durability is also amazing, so you are assured it won’t be damaged easily.

What We Don’t Like

The Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder, like the other models mentioned above, are not capable of holding larger knives and utensils. 

Although it is known to have a great magnetic force, it is not strong enough to hold larger and heavier knives.


  • Extremely durable
  • Made from real bamboo
  • Extra bar thickness
  • Eco-friendly


  • Weak magnet

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have an idea about the best magnetic knife holder in the market, the next step is to know exactly what to look for. 

Well, there are so many products on the market that you would literally spend days if you just randomly look at the magnetic knife holders available. 

You should at least know what to look for in a magnetic knife holder so that you can save more time finding a good one.

1. Strong Magnetic Force

A strong magnet can hold metals firmly, so you need to look for a specific knife holder with a strong magnetic force. 

The only problem is that it is difficult to determine if the magnetic force of a particular product is strong or not. One way to know this is to read reviews about the product. 

See what other people have to say about its magnetic force. 

Another method is to check the price and quality. 

Usually, more expensive brands have a stronger magnetic force compared with the cheaper models.

2. Length

Before you buy a magnetic knife holder, you should first determine its length.

Some models are only eight inches, while others are 36 inches or more. 

There are two important factors to check before you decide on the length of the magnetic knife holder:

  • Area of Installation

You have to check the area where you plan to install the magnetic knife holder. Do this first so that you won’t make a mistake when buying. 

There is a possibility that you would accidentally buy a knife holder that is too long for the area where you plan to set it up.

  • Number of Knives

You also have to figure out the number of knives or utensils you plan to put in it. 

If you don’t have a lot of knives, you don’t need a knife holder that is too long.

3. Material and Design

When it comes to the material, wood and stainless steel are both amazing. 

Although magnetic knife holders made from wood usually have a weaker magnetic force, both types are great choices.

That said, you can decide based on how your kitchen looks. 

If you have a traditional-looking kitchen, get a wood magnetic knife holder. 

If you have a modern kitchen, using stainless steel is the right choice.

4. Installation Process

You should know that there are some complicated knife holders out there that would take many hours to install.

You can opt for a magnetic knife holder that you can install on the wall directly. 

They are pretty straightforward, and you just have to screw them to the wall.

Nonetheless, it is always best to look for a magnetic knife holder that comes with an installation manual that is easy to follow and read.

Magnetic Knife Holder FAQs

1. Are Magnetic Knife Holders Safe?

Yes, magnetic knife holders are perfectly safe to use as long as you know the size of the knife that it can handle. 

Although they are magnetic, as noted earlier, some holders don’t have the capacity to hold heavier and longer knives.

2. Do Knife Magnets Damage Knives?

No, the magnets can’t damage or chip your kitchen knife

However, the material on the knife holder itself can cause damage to your knife. 

If you drag the blade while taking it out of the magnetic knife holder, it may damage the blade.

3. How Long Before a Magnetic Knife Holder Loses Its Magnetic Properties?

A magnetic knife holder will not quickly lose its magnetic properties unless you decide just to bang it to the wall or you heat it up. 

Its magnetic force will always remain constant, and it won’t change over time.

4. Can You Put a Magnetic Knife Holder in a Fridge?

Yes, most of the magnetic knife holders can be placed on the fridge because they are magnetized. 

The only problem is that the magnetic force tends to decrease when placed in the fridge.

Final Verdict

The knife holders we highlighted above all have their specific strong points, but similar weak points.Each model will also work for different needs, wants, and kitchen sizes and designs.That said, among the magnetic knife holders we reviewed, our top choice would be the Eco Kitchen 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Strip. Its unique construction beats all the other models on the list plus it’s versatile enough to give you enough space in the kitchen while still being able to prep and cook with tools at arm’s reach.What’s even better is that it is also available in two other sizes: 18 and 24 inches, so you can choose which one can fit all your knives and utensils in the kitchen.On the other hand, if you want to use a wood magnetic knife holder, the Premium Presents Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder is your best choice. Knife holders made from bamboo are more durable and look great in any kitchen design.