Sabatier Self Sharpening Knife Set Review

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Quick Overview



  • Three-rivet ergonomic handles
  • Smaller, space-efficient block
  • Sharp blades
  • Great value for money
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Steak knife slots don’t have sharpeners
  • No labels

Many chefs and home cooks are pros when it comes to sharpening knives with whetstones, but wouldn’t it be easier if we didn’t have to sharpen them now and then?

That’s what self-sharpening knives are here for; you can easily sharpen them by just placing them inside a slot.

This detailed Sabatier Self Sharpening Knife Set review will help you decide whether this set should be your next purchase.

Just keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a self-sharpening knife; they rely on the block for sharpening.

Sabatier Self Sharpening Knife Set

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Sabatier brand’s Edgekeeper 12-Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set is sold under Lifetime Brands.

The company name is renowned in the world of cookware, especially knives.

Many brands use the same brand name for knives; all manufactured in the French region of Thiers.

However, this one is the real deal and belongs to the authentic Sabatier brand.

Although Chinese, the set is quite contemporary, getting its inspiration from the classic French cutlery.

Since it has a self-sharpening block, the slots have ceramic sharpeners.

This set comes in three colors: black, gray, and red.

Who Is This Product For?

This knife set by Sabatier is ideal for both home and professional kitchens.

As it’s self-sharpening, it’s good for busy kitchens that use different knives every day.

The size of the block and the number of knives included are decent enough for a small household.

It has all the basic knives that one needs almost for every meal prep.

It’s also good for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on this kind of knife set.

If you are on a tight budget, you’ll find this to be quite reasonably priced.

So, it makes an excellent choice for your kitchen. It doesn’t have a fancy luxury design, though.

What’s Included?

The Sabatier knife set includes 12 pieces in total. However, note that it’s 12 pieces and not 12 knives.

In most knife sets, they also count the block or any other accessories as parts, in this case, the ceramic sharpeners.

So, in addition to the wooden block and the sharpeners in the slots, this pack includes ten knives:

  • 3.5-inch paring knife
  • 4.5-inch utility knife
  • Six 4.5-inch steak knives
  • Five-inch chef’s knife with Kullens
  • Eight-inch chef’s knife

Although there are bigger sets available online and in stores, this one covers the basics.

With two chef’s knives, a paring knife, and a utility knife, you’re sorted for your essential knife needs.

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Overview of Features

The overall look and feel of the Sabatier block are very modern, with a simple design that’s functional yet attractive.

You’ll see a metallic Sabatier nameplate on it. Plus, the dark finish is aesthetically pleasing.

Six steak knives are placed at the bottom slots since the slots are bifurcated into two levels, so the steak knives don’t really get sharpened with every move.

On the other hand, the slots above the steak knives feature Edgekeeper sharpeners where all the other kitchen knives are placed.

The knives’ blades are made of superior high-carbon stainless steel, so they already come pretty sharp.

The steel is corrosion-resistant but not dishwasher-safe, so you have to wash and clean them manually.

The handles have an ergonomic shape, designed to fit your grip naturally.

They are riveted and not only secure but also look quite contemporary.

The material of the handle covers is synthetic, but the knives are well-balanced because of the full-length tang and bolster made of stainless steel. 

One of the knives in the set, the five-inch chef’s knife, is pretty versatile, as you can even use it instead of a Nakiri knife for chopping vegetables.

How To Make the Most Out of This Set

To make the best of the limited number of knives in this set, you should know how to use each.

The chef’s knives are pretty versatile, but there’s a right way of holding and using them.

If you want to do it like a professional, you can check this tutorial on a professional chef knife.

You’ll also learn about the utility knife, which comes with this Sabatier set.

As for maintenance, make sure you wash these in the sink only.

You can wash them with warm water from the faucet with mild dish soap or detergent.

Rinse them thoroughly and individually. Then, dry them out with a piece of cloth or paper towel.

Once completely dry, you can insert them back into the block. 


If you want even more knives in your self-sharpening set, go for the Calphalon 20-Piece Contemporary Set. 

Calphalon Contemporary 20-Piece Self Sharpening Set

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The Calphalon set consists of 4.5-inch paring knives, eight steak knives, one five-inch Santoku knife, one seven-inch Santoku knife, one six-inch utility knife, one eight-inch slicer, one 5.5-inch bagel knife, one eight-inch chef’s knife, one six-inch fork, one eight-inch bread knife, and kitchen shears.

The block is made of wood with an elegant finish.

As for the knives’s blades, they are super high-quality, made from German high-carbon steel.

These knives also have long tangs and bolsters, while the black handles are made of poly-resin and have contours for a more comfortable grip.

What sets this set apart is that all the knives have labels. The handle’s cap has the names of the knife, which can be pretty helpful for beginners.

Since it’s a bigger set and falls more in the luxury territory, it does come with a hefty price tag.

However, if budget is not a concern, this set can cover virtually all your knife needs in the kitchen.

Of course, it’s easy to get all these knives sharp and ready, thanks to the SharpIN technology, which is ceramic rods inside the slots.


As this Sabatier Self Sharpening Knife Set review proves, it’s an authentic, good-value option for small to medium kitchens.

It can even be used in a professional kitchen, as the knives are reliable.

If you also prefer the visual aesthetic of the knives and the block, Sabatier clearly wins in that area.

That said, if you want an even more luxurious set, you can buy the Calphalon one with 20 pieces.