Yoshihiro Gyuto Chef’s Knife Review

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Quick Overview



  • Lightweight
  • Well-balanced
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Razor-sharp edge
  • Sleek design


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Expensive

Whether you’re a professional chef or just someone who enjoys cooking at home, you need a quality set of kitchen knives.

You’ll find hundreds of options, but this Yoshihiro 8.25-inch Gyuto Chef’s Knife should be at the top of your list.

The expert craftsmen at Yoshihiro Cutlery made this knife using 46 layers of steel.

The forging process is then completed following the traditional Damascus style with high-quality steel at its core.

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Yoshihiro Gyuto Chef’s Knife

For more than a century now, Yoshihiro Cutlery has been handcrafting premium kitchen knives in Japan.

It was in 2008 when the company started offering its knives internationally through online stores.

Experts and novice cooks from different backgrounds recognized the knife’s excellent performance and appearance from that time on.

This Gyuto kitchen knife is the western counterpart of the chef’s knife.

It is an all-around kitchen helper that can perform almost all kinds of daily chopping and slicing.

Who Is This Product For?

This knife’s curved blade and extended tip ensure smooth and quick chopping and rocking motion.

As such, cooks of varying skill levels will benefit from having this versatile kitchen knife.

You’ll also notice its hammered texture that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, this design choice decreases friction and prevents the food from sticking to the blade as you cut and chop different ingredients.

That is why it is the perfect cutting tool for busy cooks who need to complete all meal preparation tasks without any delay.

The professional quality of its construction, combined with its razor-sharp blade, provides comfort and versatility in whatever setting.

What’s Included?

You will receive the Yoshihiro Gyuto knife safely and neatly packed inside a felt-lined cardboard box.

It also comes with a protective wooden cover from Mongolia.

This sheath helps protect the blade when not in use while adding beauty to the overall appearance of the knife.

Lastly, to protect your purchase, you’ll like that this Yoshihiro Gyuto knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Overview of the Features

With its expert craftsmanship and premium quality materials, it’s easy to see why many look at this knife as a work of art.

Add to that its razor-sharp blade, and you might just have the best kitchen tool yet.

  • Hammered Damascus Blade

Among this Gyuto knife’s best features is its hammered Damascus blade. Made of 46 layers of quality steel, it boasts an HRC rating of 60.

It also has a VG-10 stainless-steel core, which contains a mixture of different elements, including carbon, chromium, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, and vanadium.

Another interesting thing about this blade is that it’s made of the same stainless steel used when crafting swords.

As such, you can expect it to have a durable, rigid, sharp, and long-lasting edge.

Such blades undergo a special heat treatment process several times to achieve their unique texture.

Like most Gyuto knives, it has a double-bevel, non-corrosive edge that can hold its sharpness for a long time.

  • Handcrafted Handle

This Japan-made handcrafted knife comes with a lightweight and ergonomic Wa-style octagonal handle.

What this does is weld to your hand for a more flawless function.

It is an eight-sided handle made from Ambrosia, so it does not absorb moisture.

As a result, you can have a firm grip for ease of use and maneuverability.

How To Get the Most Out of the Yoshihiro 8.25-Inch Gyuto Chef’s Knife?

The traditional Japanese knife-making process produces a razor-sharp blade that requires proper care and attention.

It would be best if you only use water whetstones when sharpening or honing the blade.

Additionally, the knife must be hand-washed and dried right away, especially when used to cut acidic ingredients.

Furthermore, refrain from using the knife on hard ingredients like bones, frozen foods, and nutshells.

With an expensive price tag, you may want to see the knife in action first before deciding.

Good thing, we found this video review for you to check out.


We have seen the beauty of the Yoshihiro Gyuto Chef’s knife and what it can offer.

Unfortunately, it also comes with a high price tag.

Because of this, a lot of newbie chefs may not have the resources to purchase the knife and experience its wonders.

In that case, here’s a relatively cheaper Gyuto knife suitable for beginners who want to purchase their first Japan-made cutting tool.

FINDKING 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Even with 67 layers of Damascus steel, you’ll find the FINDKING 8-inch Chef’s Knife way cheaper than our featured model.

This high-quality steel comes with a 60+ HRC reading plus a keen edge that can last long enough to extend the life of the knife.

The blade works well with fish, fruits, meats, and vegetables.

However, avoid using the knife on frozen products to prevent damaging the edge.

You’ll like that it also comes with a wooden cover to protect the blade against damage.

Complimenting the unique design of the Damascus steel blade is the stable Ebony wooden handle, allowing you to manipulate the knife effectively.

Moreover, the knife’s balance point provides you with a more comfortable grip and precise cuts while reducing hand fatigue.

Hajegato 8-Inch Gyuto Chef Knife

Another alternative we recommend may not be as cheap as the first option, but its unique handle is impressive.

At first glance, it’s easy to see why the Hajegato 8-Inch Gyuto Chef Knife is unique and beautiful, with its colorful handle and curling pattern.

Conceptualized by a chef, there’s no denying its usefulness in the kitchen.

This well-balanced knife has a razor-sharp double-bevel edge designed for maximum knuckle clearance, allowing you to grip the handle firmly.

With 67 layers of Damascus steel and a high-carbon VG10 steel core, you get a stiff blade with a 60-62 HRC reading.

However, you may find the knife’s blade getting scratched easily through constant use.

Is the Yoshihiro Gyuto Chef’s Knife Any Good?

After seeing its high price tag, it is understandable to have second thoughts about buying this Yoshihiro Gyuto knife.

Still, with this knife in your hand, you’ll find that meal prep becomes easier and faster.

Not only does it perform as well as it should, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

By following proper care and maintenance, you can be sure that this knife will hold its edge for a long time.